Star Trek’s Brent Spiner joins Star Wars Rebels?

Ryan Leston
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Star Trek’s Brent Spiner joins Star Wars Rebels?
Will Brent Spiner voice the Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels?

COMMENT | After boldly going where no man has gone before, has 'Star Trek' actor Brent Spiner joined the cast of the upcoming 'Star Wars Rebels'?

Ever since J.J. Abrams was confirmed to direct 'Star Wars VII' fans have been wondering whether or not he'll be tempted to bring actors across from his other big sci-fi franchise, 'Star Trek'. But while many are certainly interested, will any of them jump ship and head to the galaxy far, far away? It looks as though 'Next Generation' star Brent Spiner may have done just that… as he's rumoured to join the cast of upcoming 'Star Wars' TV show, 'Star Wars Rebels'.

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According to Carmelle Marshall who was reporting from the Gallifrey 1 Convention in Los Angeles, Brent Spiner appeared as part of the 'Young Justice' live panel event… where he and producer Greg Weisman revealed that they're currently working together on 'Star Wars Rebels'.

Entire #YoungJustice panel is jealous that @Greg_Weisman & @BrentSpiner are currently working on #StarWarsRebels. #gally1

- Carmelle (@Con_noisseur) February 16, 2014

Of course, Spiner is best known for his portrayal of the android, Data in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and quickly became a fan favourite. But he's certainly no stranger to voiceover work.

In recent years, he's provided voiceovers for the likes of 'Robot Chicken', 'The Avengers' cartoon and even played The Joker in 'Young Justice'. But will he really join 'Star Wars Rebels'?

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I can't help thinking it's already a sure thing… but what role would he play? While we've seen plenty of images of the all-new Imperial Inquisitor, he still hasn't uttered a single word. And if you ask me, that's the part Brent Spiner is up for. After all, his voice work as The Joker has already proved that he's capable of voicing an iconic villain. And Lieutenant Data as a Sith Lord? What's not to love?

Of course, until officially confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm, it looks as though we'll just have to wait and see. But my money's on Brent Spiner playing the villain of the piece. Boldly picking up that impressive dual-bladed lightsaber to take on those pesky Rebels.

Do you think Brent Spiner will join Star Wars Rebels? Will he voice the Inquisitor or someone else entirely? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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