Star Trek’s Jonathon Frakes wants a part in Star Wars 7

Ryan Leston
Star Trek’s Jonathon Frakes wants a part in Star Wars 7
Jonathon Frakes - Forever known as Sta Trek's Commander William T. Riker.

After almost 10 years as Commander William T. Riker, it looks like legendary Star Trek sidekick Jonathon Frakes has expressed interest in joining the cast of 'Episode VII'.

Ever since J.J. Abrams was confirmed to direct 'Star Wars: Episode VII' there's been an uneasy feeling between fans of both famous sci-fi franchises. Having directed the 'Star Trek' reboot and the upcoming 'Star Trek into Darkness', his ties to the 'Star Trek' universe are obvious… but with Zoe Saldana expressing interest in jumping ship from the Enterprise to the Millennium Falcon, is it really something we should worry about?

It seems that 'Episode VII' is gathering plenty of interest from actors on both sides, as Jonathon Frakes reveals that he'd jump at the chance of a role. In an interview with Big Shiny Robot, Frakes was asked whether he'd consider switching teams to sign on for 'Episode VII'.

"In a heartbeat," he revealed. "In a heartbeat."

And with the success of Abrams' 'Star Trek' reboot, it's easy to see why Frakes would want to be a part of it. Although I have to admit… it would probably make a bit more sense for him to pop up in the new 'Star Trek' somewhere along the line. And it seems Riker himself would agree.

"I think J.J. has been brilliant with the reboot," he explains. "His work is astounding. I love the first movie, and I'm really excited about the second one, and I can tell from the trailer it's going to be spectacular. I'm a big J.J. fan and I think the franchise is in good hands, and I think Star Wars is lucky to have him as well. The idea of Next Gen working its way into his franchise is hard to imagine, but not impossible, so I'm certainly hopeful that at least one of us will show up in his movies."

But should J.J. consider him for a role in the upcoming 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy?

Let's face it - Jonathon Frakes is synonymous with 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. There's simply no getting around it… he will always be Commander William T. Riker of the Starship Enterprise. And that's bound to be distracting for anyone who ever watched television during the '90s. And while it would be nice to see Frakes take to our screens once more, I can't help feeling that 'Star Wars' just isn't the place for him.

Of course, with Zoe Saldana vying for a role and those long-forgotten rumours of Simon Pegg's involvement in 'Episode VII', I still can't help wondering whether J.J. will reach out to his 'Star Trek' pals… and I still think that would be a big mistake. On one hand, it tends to be a good thing when directors work with their favourite actors… but when it comes to combining the two major sci-fi franchises, well… I have a bad feeling about that.

Many fans have expressed concern about Abrams taking on 'Star Wars' after being so involved with the 'Star Trek' franchise… but the more I think about that, the less it feels like an issue. You only have to look at J.J's portfolio to see that he has an excellent track record… and 'Star Trek' represents only two of his major film releases. And as a fan of 'Star Wars' himself, I'm sure he's eager to stay true to what made him a fan in the first place. But when it comes to hiring 'Star Trek' actors for the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy, I can't help feeling that would be a step too far.

Do you think J.J Abrams will consider Star Trek actors for Episode VII? Should he simply look elsewhere?