Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Actors Crashed The Section 31 Wrap Party, And Now I'm More Convinced My Theory About The Film Is Legit

 Georgiou and Ortegas.
Georgiou and Ortegas.

Star Trek: Section 31, the first original movie from the franchise that will be available exclusively to stream with a Paramount+ subscription, has wrapped filming in Toronto. This is exciting not only because we're one step closer to seeing Michelle Yeoh back in Trek, but also because she might not be the only familiar face we'll see. Strange New Worlds actors crashed the wrap party for the movie, and it only bolstered my theory positing that some of those characters will appear in the movie.

Rob Kazinsky, a member of the Section 31 cast, shared a story on his Instagram account that featured the film's known stars at the wrap party. Strange New Worlds actors Melissa Navia and Christina Chong also popped up in the video, which may or may not be telling. While it's true that SNW Season 3 was sharing production space with the upcoming Trek project, making it easy for the actors to cross paths in such a way, could this actually be a hint that either actress (or both) could be part of the movie? I certainly think so and have some reasons why it would make sense.

Section 31 Is Seemingly Set In The Strange New Worlds Time Period

We don't know when Star Trek: Section 31 takes place officially, but Rob Kazinsky through longtime fans a bone in that department with a recent social media post. His original wrap photo included the logo for the movie title, which is the same Delta design Section 31 agents wore in Season 1 of Discovery. As readers might remember, that season took place years before the start of the original series, which leads to the assumption this movie will happen at some point during the same timeline as Strange New Worlds.

This would make it possible for characters to appear, assuming Georgiou was sent back to a time before Strange New Worlds' Season 2 finale. It also doesn't feel as though the cameos would be too hard to coordinate, given that Section 31 was splitting set time with the Paramount+ series while filming. It would be easy to get a character or two for a scene, or maybe even the whole ensemble, to play a role in the adventure.

Strange New Worlds Is One Of The Most Popular Star Trek Shows

While you wouldn't think viewers need more than an Oscar-winning actress at the lead to tune in, it's worth noting that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is one of the most popular Trek shows of the modern era. Even Discovery reportedly emulated its episodic storytelling for its final season, so it's not hard to believe there'd be insistence or at least a general desire to incorporate some of the cast into the adventure.

That said, can we assume that Melissa Navia and Christina Chong attending Section 31's wrap party guarantees that La'an and Ortegas are in the movie? Not at all, but I love the idea of it happening, and if this is our first hint they're involved, I'm as pumped as can be about being spoiled on it. Georgiou could use a strong fighter like La'an, and Ortegas could use a larger spotlight on her character than the one she's often given on Strange New Worlds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we see them in the movie because it would be so cool.

Star Trek: Section 31 doesn't have a release date yet, but the fact that filming is done has to bring us one step closer to finally getting that news. At least we have the final season of Discovery to watch while we wait, so be sure to tune in on Thursday, April 4th, for the two-episode premiere.