Star Wars 7 cast: Five actors who could play Jacen Solo

Ben Skipper
Star Wars 7 cast: Five actors who could play Jacen Solo
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sam Claflin and Zac Efron

Last week we brought you a brief history of the Skywalker and Solo children now that seems all but certain that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will return for 'Star Wars: Episode 7'.

We then took a look at who might play the part of Jaina Solo, one half of Leia and Han's set of twin children.

Next up is her brother Jacen, a much harder part to cast as whoever takes up the role will effectively be a young Harrison Ford. Big shoes to fill, but here are a few actors who might be able to handle it.

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Zac Efron
Ah ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming. Zac Efron may be a name that inspires (or at least used to inspire) hatred among a certain, definitely male, part of the film-going public but he has since proven himself a bonefide actor.

Since the days of the (perfectly fine) 'High School Musical' films he has proven himself a real talent in films like 'The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud' and 'Me and Orson Welles'. It is these performances that prompted Mark Kermode, one of the country's top film critics, to label him "a proper all-singing, all-dancing, old-school movie star." High praise indeed.

Efron is a good-looking lad and perfectly capable of the cocky swagger that Ford once exuded. Also, his casting would annoy a lot of die-hard 'Star Wars' nuts, which is always fun.

Dane DeHaan
If you don't know the name, you definitely will in time. DeHaan was one of the stars of found-footage super-power hit 'Chronicle', which put all involved on Hollywood's radar when it topped charts last year.

DeHaan stole the show as the deeply-troubled teen who lashes out at the world when he and his friends discover they have powers that grow increasingly powerful each day. In the film objects are maniuplated with the swipe of a hand, sound familiar?

In the expanded universe fiction Jacen Solo eventually becomes a Sith lord, which may or may not play a part in the upcoming trilogy, but the darkness he toys with may find a way into the character and DeHaan would be great at that aspect.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
The star of 'Kick-Ass' is still on the cusp of being an A-lister and roles in 'Kick-Ass's sequel and the upcoming 'Godzilla' reboot might propel him. If that fails then playing the son of Solo certainly would.

He looks the part and could toy with the dark side much like DeHaan, but the actor often seems to take himself a bit seriously so may be put-off by such a huge part in a blockbuster franchise.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Perhaps too big of a star, JGL is a very popular actor who has been touted to play a young Han Solo in the proposed 'Star Wars' spin-off movies by near enough every movie site under the sun.

He'd be perfectly capable of course but he is perhaps a little too old. He's in his 30s now but tends to play younger. Someone with youth on their side and without the stigma of such world-wide fame may fair better.

Sam Claflin

Claflin has nabbed roles in plenty of big-budget films over the past few years. He was in the fourth 'Pirates of the Carribbean', last year's 'Snow White and the Huntsmen' and will next be seen by a mass audience in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'.

He's clearly an actor a lot of big wigs have faith in to become a star but he's backed it up with smaller performances, for example he was one of the leads in the BBC's TV movie 'United', about the 1958 Munich air disaster.

Who would you like to see play Han Solo and Princess Leia's son in 'Episode 7'? Let us know below...