Star Wars 7: A ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’

Ryan Leston
Star Wars 7: A ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’
J.J. Abrams puts minds to rest about his 'Star Trek' ties...

Although 'Star Wars' fans may be concerned about Abrams' ties to the 'Star Trek' franchise, it looks as though he's more than ready to take on 'Episode VII'…

With his recent work on 'Star Trek', it's hard not to think of him as a director who has crossed an unseen boundary… a man who has boldly gone where no-man has gone before. But while many fans have shown concern at the thought of Abrams taking the helm, it looks as though the prolific director isn't quite so worried.

"To me they are such wildly disparate universes," he told BBC News. "The back story, the tone, the mood, certainly the history [and] the characters - that I'm in no way worried."

Of course, the dynamic director who seems to be the master of the franchise reboot is bound to have heard the mutterings… he is a fan himself, after all. But he's keen to step away from that, explaining that he just isn't concerned about the two films having a similar feel.

"It's just about approaching it from as authentic a place as possible, and not trying to apply what you believe or think, as much as trying to filter everything and get at it from the core of the characters."

I'm sure many 'Star Wars' fans will be relieved to hear that, and I have to be honest - it certainly makes me feel a whole lot better about Abrams taking control of the 'Star Wars' saga. But as a director who's constantly jumping from one big film franchise to the next, he admits that he "absolutely" worried about being seen as a man who simply reboots franchises.

"It was one of the main reasons I initially said no to Star Wars," he explained. "I thought, 'I can't be that guy'."

And after his work on 'Star Trek Into Darkness', Abrams had planned to follow it with a much more modest production… "There's a story that we are working on that's a small comedy drama, that I assumed would be the next movie I was going to direct."

"And then Star Wars came along. It was one of those things where Star Wars felt like one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that forced me to stop and reconsider whatever the rulebook was."

Of course, he's absolutely right… the opportunity to direct a 'Star Wars' film is something that we've all dreamt of. And given the chance, he'd have been mad to turn it down. The self-confessed 'Star Wars' fan added that he would have to keep his "geeky fan-boy" feelings in check… but is it really that bad if he doesn't?

For one thing, we all know that he's been a 'Star Wars' fan since he was a boy… and I get the feeling this well serve him well in the years to come. He knows what works, he knows what doesn't… and if he's anything like the rest of us fans, he's probably spent way too long arguing about that with his friends. And in my opinion, this is exactly the kind of person we need behind the next 'Star Wars' film… not to mention, he's a pretty good director to boot.

Abrams goes on to explain that "[It should be] what you deeply want to see, never what you assume the fans might like."

Of course, as a fan himself, I get the feeling there'll be an awful lot of overlap in that department. With Abrams directing and John Williams creating the soundtrack, I have to admit - the crew is certainly shaping up to be an all-star ensemble… let's just hope the Force is with them.

Do you think Abrams is the right choice for 'Episode VII'? Are there any other 'Star Wars' names you'd like to see working alongside him?

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