Star Wars: Admiral Motti gets full Imperial send-off

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Star Wars: Admiral Motti gets full Imperial send-off

TK 4796 and TK 42170 standing vigil (Credit:

After Richard LeParmentier's death back in April, the iconic Imperial has been honoured by the 501st Legion… who gave Admiral Motti the send-off he deserved.

Appearing in 'Star Wars' as the defiant Admiral Motti, actor Richard LeParmentier will be fondly remembered as the man who stood up to Darth Vader… and ended up being Force choked for his trouble. But while fans and colleagues alike were saddened by Richard's death, it looks as though the good Admiral was given the send-off he deserved… at the hands of the Imperial 501st.

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Requested to stand guard as Richard LeParmentier was laid to rest, the 501st Legion (a group of Imperial costumers) was on hand to give a rather fitting tribute… but sadly not a 21-blaster salute.

Taking to to recount their experience, the 501st Star Garrison explained how they paid tribute to the good Admiral.

"Star Garrison and the Central Texas Squad had the honor of being requested to stand guard as our friend and honorary 501st Legion member Richard LeParmentier was laid to rest in Austin, TX."

"The service was filled with many anecdotes about a wonderful man's life," explained Imperial Stormtrooper TK-4796. "And there was more than one reference to Admiral Motti's experience with Lord Vader."

Of course, it was Admiral Motti's lack of faith which Darth Vader found most disturbing… and that iconic scene of him being Force choked by the Sith Lord has become one of the most recognisable scenes in cinema history.

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"At the end of the service our Garrison XO, William Tatsch, presented the family with an Imperial flag, and we escorted the family out."

Attended by friends, family and a number or 'Star Wars' characters, it looks as though Richard LeParmentier received a fitting tribute for the man who defied a Sith Lord… and despite their trademark lack of emotion, it seems the Stormtroopers in question were more than a little 'choked' up at the thought.

"I never met you," explained Imperial Stormtrooper TK-42170. "But you have been part of my life since I was 6 years old."

May the Force be with you, Admiral Motti.

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