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How to stream Ahsoka season 1 in the UK now

Rosario Dawson is back to swing her white lightsabers as Ahsoka Tano

Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka
Rosario Dawson plays Ahsoka Tano in the new Disney+ series. (Lucasfilm)

It’s a woman’s world in Ahsoka, as a certain talented Togruta swings her white lightsabers into action for her very own Star Wars series on Disney+. Poised to usher in the next chapter of the galaxy far, far away, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka sees Rosario Dawson take the lead for the long-awaited standalone for Anakin Skywalker’s outcast apprentice.

Filoni and George Lucas created the fan-favourite padawan for 2008’s underwhelming Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. However, she’s since evolved to become a cornerstone of the franchise through the Clone Wars series and Star Wars Rebels.

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Ahsoka has appeared in everything from The Mandalorian to Tales of the Jedi and even had a Young Adult novel dedicated to her.

Taking the lead for her own series, here’s everything you need to know about Ahsoka including its release date, cast, story, and more.

Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka
The first season is streaming in full now. (Lucasfilm)

The first season of Star Wars: Ahsoka is available to stream now on Disney+, having debuted in August 2023.

Ahsoka’s eight episodes secured some impressive talent behind the scenes, with Filoni directing two instalments. If that wasn’t enough, he also produced alongside Favreau and Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy.

Filoni’s directing talents were backed up by episodes from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s Peter Ramsey, Mad Men’s Jennifer Getzinger, and House of the Dragon’s Geeta Patel. There were also some Star Wars alumni with The Book of Boba Fett’s Steph Green and The Mandalorian legend Rick Famuyiwa helming the show's finale.

Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka
Critics have heaped praise on the Star Wars series. (Lucasfilm)

The reviews are in and it looks like the force is strong with Ahsoka so far.

Our own review championed the show for beginning on “a thrilling note” that introduces a rich world of villains and heroes. Meanwhile, places like the Evening Standard put their praise up-front, saying it was the show that has helped Star Wars “find its heart again.”

The Guardian wasn’t so enamoured with Ahsoka’s appearance, saying the series “suffers from the same syndrome that makes Bad Star Wars bad: it’s so in awe of franchise lore it keeps taking our interest for granted.” Thankfully, The Telegraph was kinder, calling the series “a space opera full of bite and brawn.”

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Natasha Liu Bordizzo in Ahsoka
Natasha Liu Bordizzo plays Sabine Wren in Ahsoka. (Lucasfilm)

Following her debut in The Mandalorian’s acclaimed season 2 episode, Chapter 13: The Jedi, and an underwhelming return in The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka has finally got her moment in the spotlight.

Once upon a time, Ahsoka was known for Ashley Eckstein’s performance in The Clone Wars and Rebels — even voicing her in The Rise of Skywalker.

While Dawson playing Ahsoka was once just a bit of fun fan casting, the idea steamrolled and caught the attention of Filoni. Alongside the likes of The Book of Boba Fett and the canned Rangers of the New Republic, Dawson was officially confirmed for her own live-action series in December 2020 with Savannah Steyn cast as Young Ahsoka.

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Dawson and Steyn are joined by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who takes up the mantle of Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren.

Taking over from Tiya Sircar in Rebels, Bordizzo said she got into character by watching the animated series, admitting to The Hollywood Reporter that Wren is her “dream” role.

The show is something of a Rebels reunion, as the crew of the Ghost make the leap into live-action. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays fan-favourite Hers Syndulla, meaning she joins her husband Ewan McGregor in the Star Wars universe.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Ahsoka
Mary Elizabeth Winstead joins the Star Wars universe. (Disney)

Eman Esfandi landed the rich role of Ezra Bridger and the beloved astromech called Chopper also appears, once again voiced by Filoni following his work on Star Wars Rebels.

In terms of villains, the late Ray Stevenson confusingly doesn’t reprise his role as Gar Saxon from Rebels, but instead, plays a Jedi gone bad known as Baylan Skoll.

Skoll is joined by Ivanna Sakhno’s Shin Hati, while Hayden Christensen returns once again to play Anakin Skywalker.

The de facto big bad means we get to see Grand Admiral Thrawn in live-action, as Lars Mikkelsen comes back as the blue-skinned baddie.

Ray Stevenson in Ahsoka
Ray Stevenson plays a Jedi gone bad known as Baylan Skoll. (Lucasfilm)

Rounding off the cast, Diana Lee Inosanto reprises her role as Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth from The Mandalorian season 2. Kelsen warned “That bloke, he doesn't have the force. He's not a Jedi, he's not a superhero of any kind, but he has the brain…his superpower is his mind, which is really and always like seven paces ahead of everybody.”

Finally, Genevieve O’Reilly returns from her stint on Andor as Mon Mothma, Wes Chatham plays Thrawn’s right-hand man Captain Enoch, and David Tennant gets another shot at playing the lightsaber-crafting Huyang from The Clone Wars.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo in Ahsoka
Disney have confirmed Ahsoka will be back for a second season. (Lucasfilm)

Instead of being a spin-off from The Mandalorian, Ahsoka is more of a continuation of Rebels. Filoni told Vanity Fair, “Ahsoka is a continuous story. It is definitely driving toward a goal, in my mind, as opposed to being little singular adventures. That’s what I want the character to be doing, and I think that’s what fans want now.”

In another interview with Vanity Fair, Filoni teased how Ahsoka’s clash with Elsbeth in The Mandalorian came before the Rebels' epilogue of her recruiting Sabine on Lothal. This provided plenty of wiggle room with the timeline, especially as Favreau threw The Mandalorian’s into disarray. Ahsoka is known as something of a loner, with the show’s tagline of “Warrior. Outcast. Rebel. Jedi” hammering home the fact she’s a little lost when we find her in this series.

The timelines get a little confusing, but with Ahsoka and co. hot on the trail of Thrawn, don’t expect him to be marooned in space with Purrgils for long. The Ahsoka logo hinted at the World Between Worlds, with time travel emerging teased as a way of bringing our hero back in front of Christensen’s Skywalker.

Ivanna Sakhno as Shin Hati in Ahsoka
Ivanna Sakhno plays Shin Hati. (Lucasfilm)

Even though it seems like a generic quest for revenge, Mikkelsen had the following to tell Collider: “All the characters have their own drive, and you will probably not know what’s it all about until that very last scene and I like that. I like that writing, that takes its audience so seriously, that you can see for yourself that we drag it right to the reveal. What was the whole thing about?”

Expanding on where the series will take her with the Rebels characters, Dawson told Variety: “There is an aspect to the hero’s journey that is very lonely. You sacrifice a lot when you’re out there fighting the good fight. It’s going to be really beautiful and revelatory to see the things that can happen when you work in community, when you find those relationships and the people that you can trust.”

An Ahsoka sizzle reel was originally shown at Star Wars Celebration 2022, but as it was hosted behind closed doors, most fans had to wait until the full trailer was unveiled at SWC 2023.

A final trailer was revealed in July which gave viewers an even better look at the season and what they can expect from the characters.

The trailer also gave the first official look at Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn, the infamous Star Wars villain.

Later, in August, a short, 50-second trailer teased the return of Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker, with the voice of a pre-helmeted Darth Vader narrating the action.

For a while, it was assumed that Ahsoka would be a stand-alone miniseries until news dropped in early 2024 that a second batch of episodes were on the day.

Taking to X/Twitter, Star Wars' official account confirmed that Ahsoka season two was in production and heading our way.

“The story continues” read the studio’s message. “Ahsoka season 2 now in development with Dave Filoni.”

It's also worth remembering that Filoni’s live-action movie will be set around the time period of both The Mandalorian and Ahsoka, leading to hopes we’ll get a cinematic crossover event for the ages.

Ahsoka season 1 is streaming on Disney+ now