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Star Wars: Benedict Cumberbatch hints at potential Star Wars role

And apparently, the original cast will be returning

Although Benedict Cumberbatch is reluctant to talk about 'Star Wars VII' it seems he may have accidentally hinted at his involvement… as well as the return of our old favourites.

When it comes to 'Star Wars' casting rumours, I think it's safe to say that Benedict Cumberatch's involvement has been one of the biggest. Not to mention the return of the original cast members. And it seems Benedict himself has managed to cover both of those rumours in a rather revealing interview… but how much does he really know?

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In an interview with Crave Online, Benedict Cumberbatch discussed the possibility of appearing in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. And it wasn't long before he slipped up about the return of the original cast members.

"Whatever rumours there are, there have been no offers made," he explained. "As far as I'm aware, although I've been in a darkened room for the last five days talking about films, no offers have been made to anyone apart from, obviously, the regulars who are returning.

But what about the big question on everybody's lips? Will Benedict be joining them?

"That would be amazing," he said. "It would be amazing."

"I was a massive schoolboy fan of [Star Wars] you know? I still am. I love that series of films and I really, really enjoyed working with J.J. It was a trip and he's a dear friend. And he knows, he knows my number and that's all that anyone knows."

Of course, for someone who hasn't been made an offer, he seems to know an awful lot of behind the scenes gossip… especially when it comes to the return of the original 'Star Wars' cast. But does this mean he's just playing coy? Will he appear in the upcoming 'Star Wars' sequels?

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"It's not up to me to speculate," he said. "There's been enough of that already. So let's just wait shall we? Until J.J. goes and asks the people he wants to come and play with him. And then I'll talk about it."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds an awful lot like a hint that there will be something to talk about. And considering his apparent knowledge when it comes to the return of the original cast, I can't help feeling that Cumberbatch knows a lot more than he's letting on. Of course, this is all just a rumour until officially confirmed… but at this point, it's one that's looking more and more likely.

Will the original cast return in 'Star Wars VII'? Will Benedict Cumberbatch appear alongside them? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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