Star Wars Scum and Villainy

Star Wars: Census reveals that Jedi remains top alternative religion

The 2011 census has revealed that Jedi is the most popular alternate religion in England and Wales, behind major faiths like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

In 2001 a campaign was successful in getting 390,000 people to register their faith as Jedi or Jedi Knight, the fictional religious cult of the 'Star War' franchise.

The number a decade later has fallen to around half that, but it still accounts for 0.31% of the population and beat out other unconventional religions like Heavy Metal.

Rock magazine Metal Hammer campaigned earlier this year to get their readers to register as a follower of all things Metal, managing to strike up roughly 6,000 believers.

Lightsabre-wielding disciples of 'Star Wars' were revealed to be most common in southern counties.

The original campaign in 2001 was set up to mock the government, religion and the inclusion of questions regarding faith in the census.

Ten years later most people lent toward apathy rather than mockery with 13.8 million people claiming to not be religious at all.

This was due to another campaign for a more accurate representation of religion in England and Wales.

Despite the results of the survey, it is believed that far more than 150,000 people can't wait for 'Star Wars: Episode 7'.

It's at least double that.