'Star Wars: Episode 9' plot rumours: Best & Worst

What will Episode 9 be about? (credit: Disney)
What will Episode 9 be about? (credit: Disney)

With Star Wars Celebration in full lightsaber swing in Chicago, we’re hours away from finding out what the actual title of Star Wars: Episode 9 is going to be. If we’re lucky, we’ll also get the first teaser trailer (you know, seeing as the film’s out in December).

Which means it’s our last chance to have a big old speculate about the title / what the plot’s going to involve.

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We’ve isolated ourselves on Ahch-To to sift through the rumours and leaks, to list the most likely titles and plots for the final entry in the Skywalker saga.


‘Star Wars: The Knights Of Ren’

Singing in the Ren (credit: Disney)
Singing in the Ren (credit: Disney)

As any Star Wars fan will be able to tell you, one of The Last Jedi’s best scenes saw Kylo Ren killing Snoke and taking charge of The First Order.

According to leakers, the Knights Of Ren will be the central antagonists of Episode 9, investigating Snoke’s death, which puts them in conflict with both Ren and Rey, forcing the two to team up to take out the greater threat.

They’ll find love as a result, have a child together, and retire to Ahch-To to raise their family. Apparently. Aw.

‘Star Wars: The Last Hope’

Rey Solo confirmed? (credit: Disney)
Rey Solo confirmed? (credit: Disney)

In this version of Episode 9, Rey is revealed to be the last Skywalker, with her parents being confirmed as Han Solo and Leia Organa (Skywalker).

Early Episode VII concept art seems to support this theory, with Rey dressed like Solo, wearing Leia’s jewellery, and being central in several images that seem to suggest Leia and Rey have a stronger connection than has been depicted in the series so far.

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And a whole bunch of stuff from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi would make so much more sense If Rey was a Skywalker; the fact that Ren and Rey have a force connection, just like Luke and Leia.

The fact that Han Solo gave Rey a sad little look when she said she hadn’t seen that much green in the galaxy.

And there’s the fact that if this really is the end of the Skywalker saga, it would be a bit weird to have the last Skywalker be a villain.

We can totally see this happening, with only Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing stopping this from being a complete certainty (as the original plans for the film will surely have sadly changed).


‘Star Wars: Balance Of The Force’

Kylo Ren faces off against Rey (credit: Disney)
Kylo Ren faces off against Rey (credit: Disney)

One of the most popular rumours involves a fairly major opening twist, with Kylo Ren’s First Order rule actually being beneficial for the galaxy.

As such, the Resistance is no longer as popular as it once was, with only our trilogy heroes still believing that they need to fight against Ren’s First Order.

Their instinct is revealed to be correct, when they discover that the First Order is powered by huge armies of slaves, who have been kidnapped from various worlds to build the First Order’s ships and weapons.

After the slaves are discovered, our heroes face a race against time to save them before they’re exterminated. Yeah, so this is essentially a holocaust plot, which feels just a touch insensitive?

‘Star Wars: Ashes Of The Empire’

Will we visit Vader’s castle in Episode 9? (credit: Disney)
Will we visit Vader’s castle in Episode 9? (credit: Disney)

One thing several leakers seem to agree on is the fact that Episode 9 will include several sequences involve Kylo Ren visiting Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar.

Again, early Episode VII concept art did depict the location, and with Rogue One’s random trip there apparently establishing it with an eye on future movies, it would make sense.

According to the leakers, Ren would communicate with Anakin’s force ghost there, before Rey arrives to have a massive scrap – echoing the events on Revenge Of The Sith.

However, the rumours suggest that Ren will be redeemed on the lava planet, realising his feelings for Rey. Sounds a little bit too close to fan fiction for us, but we wouldn’t bet against Mustafar popping up as a location in 9.

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‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jabba’

Rumours are circulating that Jabba the Hutt might appear in Episode 9 (credit: LucasFilm)
Rumours are circulating that Jabba the Hutt might appear in Episode 9 (credit: LucasFilm)

One of the weirdest rumours involves the Resistance teaming up with the relatives of Jabba The Hutt to take down the First Order.

Apparently, one sequence involves Finn, Poe and Rose having to eat dinner with the Hutts, for a moment that’s supposedly reminiscent of Temple Of Doom’s meal scene. We’ll believe this one when we watch it between our fingers.

‘Star Wars: Son Of Darkness’

Giant spiders appeared in early Star Wars concept art (credit LucasFilm)
Giant spiders appeared in early Star Wars concept art (credit LucasFilm)

One of the more persistent rumours is that Episode 9 will revolve around Kylo Ren’s struggles between the light side and the dark.

Leaks seem to support this theory, with one of the weirder elements being a character named ‘The Oracle’ that advises Ren during his struggle, taking the form of a giant white spider that parasitically feeds off the head of a giant elf while it sleeps in a swamp.

If we see this sequence in the next trailer, we’ll eat our lightsaber.