Star Wars: Episode VII already filming?

Ryan Leston
4 April 2014
Star Wars: Episode VII already filming?
Has Star Wars VII already started filming?

After the recent announcement that 'Star Wars VII' will begin shooting in May, it looks as though the 'Star Wars' sequel may already be on location in Cairo.

That's right folks - it looks as though Disney and Lucasfilm may have pulled the old switcharoo on the fans… as 'Star Wars: Episode VII' is rumoured to already be filming on location in Cairo. But after recently revealing that the 'Star Wars' sequel is due to start filming in May, could they really have pulled the rug out from under us? Has 'Star Wars VII' already begun?

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According to our good pals over at Jedi News, the upcoming 'Star Wars VII' may already be out on location in Cairo… almost an entire month before Lucasfilm stated that filming would begin.

"A solid source has told Jedi News that 'Episode VII' is already filming in Cairo. That's right - already filming. Our source also relayed to us that filming is expected to be take place at some point in Abu Dhabi, though no further details were provided on that location."

Of course, this should be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm… but if true, it looks as though J.J. Abrams may have gotten his own way when it comes to the secrecy of 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

Notoriously secretive about his film projects, I certainly wouldn't put it past J.J. Abrams to throw a bit of misdirection into the mix. And recent reports from Pinewood also suggest some added secrecy at the world-class studios.

A friend was at Pinewood yesterday. SW production has moved in. JJ Abrams is there. All LFL windows have been covered with reflective glass.

- Ali Arikan (@aliarikan) March 29, 2014

But has 'Star Wars: Episode VII' already begun filming?

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Although there's no been no official casting information so far, it's entirely possible that Abrams has already rounded out his cast and has begun initial photography… and it's a bold move that could allow him a bit more freedom to work on those initial shots.

Of course, for now we'll just have to wait and see… but it seems the galaxy far, far away may have just gotten that little bit closer.

Do you think 'Star Wars VII' has already begun filming? Will we get some solid casting details in the weeks ahead? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Ryan Leston is a sci-fi geek from Cardiff who loves all things Star Wars. His favourite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back and he still wants to be Han Solo when he grows up. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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