Star Wars Episode VII: Brad Bird On Why He Turned It Down

Although J.J Abrams eventually landed the directorial gig for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ there were plenty of other names linked to the galaxy far, far away… and now Brad Bird opens up about why he passed on the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequel.


In an interview with MTV the ‘Tomorrowland’ director revealed exactly why he never took the helm of ‘Star Wars VII’. And it turns out he almost took the job.

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“For a moment there I thought it would work out to do [Tomorrowland] and go right into [Star Wars VII],” he said. “It wouldn’t work. There was no way to make that schedule and give this film the attention it deserved.  I know [Star Wars] is going to be terrific and everything, but I’m really happy to do this film. It’s rare to do a film of size that’s original.”

Obviously, it was a scheduling conflict that ultimately led to Brad Bird passing on ‘Star Wars VII’… but there seems a little more to it than that. Although the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequel offers the chance to make history by ushering in a new age for the galaxy far, far away, it’s a staggering opportunity to be part of something new and fresh. Especially something on this scale.

“I was just really deeply into this film at that point,” he told The Hollywood Reporter back in May 2013. “It’s easy to say, ‘Just put it on hold.’ But you’re moving now; you don’t know if you’re going to be able to move later.”

I can’t help thinking that things worked out for the best. I mean, we eventually landed J.J. Abrams to revitalise the ‘Star Wars’ franchise and Bird was able to carry on with this passion project – a film that’s already turning plenty of heads. Watch the first trailer below.

“I have to act on momentum,” he added. “We had reached a critical mass where it would’ve thrown the furniture around from the train stopping… I feel like [with Tomorrowland] we’re making something that’s really special and unique.”

Of course, you can’t blame him for wanting to do something entirely original. But with Disney and Lucasfilm obviously keen to bring him to ‘Star Wars’, could we see Brad Bird take the helm of an upcoming movie?

It’s certainly a possibility – after all, there are plenty of unannounced ‘Star Wars’ spin-offs that could find a place him… and maybe even the third instalment of the upcoming sequel trilogy. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Picture Credit: WENN/Disney