Star Wars: Episode VII: JJ Abrams Drops HUGE Death Star Hint


Director JJ Abrams has given the biggest suggestion so far that a Death Star could feature in the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’.

Tweeting from his production company Bad Robot’s official Twitter account, the director shared another handwritten note, this time to show his enthusiasm for the newly-announced Apple Watch.

The shameless note reads: “Why do I suddenly have this desperate need to own a watch?! Damn you, Apple!!! JJ” but it’s the distinctive lights reflected on the shiny surface behind the note that have got ‘Star Wars’ fans all in a dither.


Fans are speculating that the lights are the same as the ones that lit up the interior corridors of the deadly Death Star which featured in the first and third ‘Star Wars’ films.

A quick comparison shows they do appear to be strikingly similar to the lights that line the corridors of the Imperial space station.


Details of the plot for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ have been scant so far, but many rumours suggest that the Empire which Luke, Han, Leia and co. helped take down in ‘Return of the Jedi’ has endured the 30 years of time that has elapsed between episodes ‘VI’ and ‘VII’.

We already know that Stormtroopers will return, so it makes sense that the Empire does still exist in one form or another, albeit without Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine at the head as they both seemingly died at the end of ‘Jedi’.

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Two Death Stars have appeared in ‘Star Wars’ so far. The first, a fully-operational one that was used to destroy Alderaan in ‘Episode IV’ was destroyed by Luke Skywalker who, exploiting a design fault, fired two proton torpedoes into the reactor core causing it to explode.

The second, which was only partially-complete, was destroyed by Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb during the Battle of Endor in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

Could this new Death Star be third time lucky for the Empire?

We’ll find out when ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ hits cinemas on 18 December, 2015.

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Image credit: 20th Century Fox/Twitter@Bad_Robot