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Star Wars fan re-creates the Battle of Hoth in his living room

Toys go to war in epic reenactment of 'Empire Strikes Back' battle scene.

Most of us probably played with 'Star Wars' action figures as kids, making them fight or sitting them in the awesome toy Millennium Falcon.

One fan however has taken it to another level, building a 140-sqaure foot recreation of the Battle of Hoth in his living room.

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Impressive... Barry's battle reenactment (Credit: Facebook)

Barry, known as Zipidi Doodah on his Facebook page, built the set using toys and replicas of Rebel soldiers, Imperial troopers, snow speeders and the famous AT-AT walkers.

The impressive sight is completed with a number of great looking explosions and a miniature version of the famous image of one AT-AT's falling over following a well-placed grenade thrown by Luke Skywalker.

Darth Vader also makes a cameo, choking a Rebel pilot.
Vader... Barry created the scene with toys and replicas (Credit: Facebook)
Barry's two sons will surely have been impressed with their father's project, though we're not too sure what his wife thinks of the snowy ground assault taking place in her front room.

From the opening hour of 1980's 'The Empire Strikes Back', the Battle of Hoth is perhaps the most iconic large-scale battle sequence in the 'Star Wars' saga.

Take a look at some more shots of the epic creation below:
Scaled down.. Barry squeezed the entire battle into his living room (Credit: Facebook)
Detailed... Each character was accurately kitted out (Credit: Facebook)

Go for the legs... A Snowspeeder takes down an AT-AT (Credit: Facebook)