After Star Wars Fave's Big Return, Ahsoka Fans Are Head Over Heels

 Ahsoka with lightsaber drawn in Episode 4
Ahsoka with lightsaber drawn in Episode 4

The following contains major spoilers for Episode 4 of Ahsoka.

Generally speaking, fans, especially fans of Star Wars: Rebels, have been having a lot of fun with Ahsoka on Disney+. The show continues the long-running story that Dave Filoni started with Star Wars: The Clone Wars in a live-action setting, which, in the newest episode of the new series meant that Ahsoka had a moment fans have been waiting the entire series to experience.

In the final moments of the new episode, Ahsoka Tano wakes up in a mysterious place, after being defeated in battle against Baylon. Then, from behind her, she hears a voice she almost certainly wasn’t expecting that said two simple words. “Hello Snips.” With those words, a fan base has exploded, as Ahsoka Tano finds herself standing in front of not Darth Vader, but Anakin Skywalker, as performed by Hayden Christensen. Slightly wonky CGI effects notwithstanding, fans are here for it…

HIS APPEARANCE DIDN’T FUCKEN DISAPPOINT AT ALL MY HEART IS SHATTERED INTO A MILLION PIECES HIS LITTLE SMILE. He’s so happy to see her but so sad that he is seeing her already. And the JOY on her face to see him again I can’t handle y’all

Those fans of Ahsoka who aren’t well-versed in the world of Dave Filoni’s animated Star Wars shows are likely more than a bit confused. While not specified yet, it appears that Ahsoka has found herself in the World Between Worlds. It’s a place inside the Force that exists outside of space and time. How exactly Anakin is there we don’t yet know, but it does explain how a younger version of Anakin may be there to see his old padawan. Fans don’t care.


It had been reported that Hayden Christensen would appear in Ahsoka so his appearance isn’t entirely a shock on its own, but of course, there was no clear idea of how it would happen. It could have been done as a flashback, or, as was done in Obi-Wan, via an appearance by Darth Vader himself. But the moment shook people.

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Snips, is a nickname that Anakin gives to Ahsoka early in The Clone Wars, due to her tendency to get snippy with him. Of course, Christensen didn’t voice Anakin himself in that animated series, so the actor we all think of as Anakin Skywalker had never “said the thing” during a canon Star Wars production until now. Needless to say, everybody is loving it.

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References and cameos are great, but the real test is going to come in a week when we see just where this story is going. This version of Anakin may not even realize what he becomes, but the final notes of the music, playing the Imperial March, surely want fans to remember.