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Star Wars: Four awesome fan-made posters for Episode VII

'Star Wars' fans have always provided some stunning imagery inspired by their favourite sci-fi franchise.

Now with the film series returning with J.J. Abrams' 'Episode VII' in 2015, those with a penchant for design work have been busy drawing up their own teaser posters for the film.

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You can view larger versions of the posters by clicking them on your left.

They were made by Aurelien Binant, a "graphic designer, web addict and a movie fan" according to his Tumblr, where can also view some of his other work, including alternative posters for the upcoming 'Wolverine' film.

One of Binant's posters even suggests a title for the 'Episode VII' - "The Lost Tribe". We're not so sure.

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Many more posters can be found all over the web, some of our favourites were gathered by, a couple using Mark Hamill as their focus.

Last week Hamill confirmed that talks had taken place to hire back the original cast in supporting roles for the new film, lending to an earlier report from Latino Review that Harrison Ford was to reprise his role as Han Solo.

With Abrams directing, Michael Arndt writing and Kathleen Kennedy, Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg producing, 'Star Wars: Episode VII' is beginning to take shape ahead of a planned 2015 release.