‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Anime Fan Trailer Is an Imaginative Blast From the Past — Watch

Jude Dry

Though it sometimes seems there is no end in sight to the “Star Wars” juggernaut, a full on anime remake of “A New Hope” is one adaptation we wouldn’t mind getting stuck in Lucasfilm development purgatory. (Just as long as it eventually got made.) As fans gear up for the premiere of “Star War Resistance,” a new Disney Channel animated series, one particularly avid fan has his own illustrated take on the galaxy far far away. Straight from the mind of animator Dmitry Grozov, you can now revel in the potential of Japanese-dubbed, anime style version of “A New Hope.”

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The trailer features many classic lines and scenes from “A New Hope,” including a gorgeous rendering of the double sunset over Tatooine and a wide-eyed, mouth-agape Princess Leia. The trailer is loyal to the 1970s visual style of the original film, something the latest additions to the franchise always seem to be lacking.

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“Star Wars: A New Hope Animotion Trailer” was created by Dmitry Grozov, AKA Ahriman, with assistant animation by Maria Shestakova. It was edited by Georgy Khabarov and Unusual Suspect.

Check it out down below.

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