Star Wars: Jeremy Bulloch willing to return as Boba Fett

Ryan Leston
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Star Wars: Jeremy Bulloch willing to return as Boba Fett
Jeremy Bulloch wearing the iconic armour (left) and at MCM Midlands (right).

Fan favourite Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, has revealed that he'd consider reprising his role as our favourite Mandalorian mercenary. It was recently confirmed that a number of spin-off movies would be produced, based on existing characters from the Star Wars universe. But could Boba Fett make a triumphant return in Episode VII? I caught up with Jeremy at MCM Midlands and he revealed that he'd be willing to don the iconic armour once more.

"Yes, that would be fun," he explained. "But I come at a price!"

Known amongst the fans as a quick-witted and tremendously likeable man, it would be great to see Jeremy back in that Mandalorian armour. But if you're reading this J.J, the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy certainly won't come cheap!

As you wish…

The 68-year old Star Wars veteran seemed enthusiastic about rumours that Boba Fett could be getting his own spin-off. "It would be a great idea," he explained, and I have to agree. Boba Fett has been a fan favourite since we first saw him chasing Han Solo across the galaxy in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. And I have a feeling there's a lot more story to tell. Jeremy explains that he'd love to see "what led him to become a Bounty Hunter," and that the rivalry between Han and Boba "goes back a long way, and it would be interesting to see the reasons behind it."

I have to say, I agree completely. We've already learned of Boba's rather dubious origins in 'Episode II: Attack of the Clones' but how exactly did he become a bounty hunter? And how did he get tangled up with Solo? The expanded universe explains this in some detail, but with writer Lawrence Kasdan looking to 'start fresh', anything could happen. But one thing's for certain - the established backstory of our beloved Boba is completely untouchable. Jeremy warned that Kasdan "would deviate at his own peril," explaining that "Star Wars fans are very protective of the original stories."

He's no good to me dead

Of course, there's still the small matter of what happened to Boba at the jaws of the Sarlacc. Fans of 'Return of the Jedi' will generally agree that he was lost to the depths of the gigantic, man-eating creature… but the story doesn't end there. Star Wars fiction writers explain that Boba was able to escape and in fact continued with his rather lucrative bounty hunting career - even training the daughter of Han and Leia in the ways of the hunt.

Despite Kasdan's desire to do something fresh and interesting with the confirmed spin-off films, this could be the ideal way to bring Boba back in Episode VII. Rumours of Harrison Ford's return have sent shockwaves through the fan community, but exactly how Han will appear is currently unknown. If Han and Leia's children are to make an appearance, wouldn't it be great to see Jeremy Bulloch get back inside the armour - this time as a teacher and mentor to those who prefer a blaster to The Force.

At the moment, Episode VII's script is a complete unknown and what we know about the confirmed spin-off films is based on rumour and conjecture. So for now, Boba's fate still hangs in the balance… but wouldn't it be great to see him return?

Do you think Boba Fett should return in Episode VII? Should Jeremy Bulloch star as the man behind the armour?