Star Wars: Life-sized AT-ST goes up for sale

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Garden ornament... life-sized Imperial Walker (Credit: eBay)

Garden ornament... life-sized imperial walker (Credit: eBay)

Have you ever dreamed of crushing rebel scum in your very own AT-ST? Well now you can with this incredible full-size 'Star Wars' replica… which is up for sale on eBay.

One of the most iconic vehicles in the 'Star Wars' universe the AT-ST (or Chicken Walker) quickly became a fan favourite. Known for its ungainly walk and being defeated by a gang of militarised teddy-bears, this mechanical menace represents the might of the galactic Empire. But after their humiliating defeat at the second Death Star, it looks as though the Empire might be a bit strapped for cash...

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According to the eBay listing, this impressive 16-foot Scout Walker is made entirely from metal and wood… and could be yours for a rather reasonable £9,800.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," it reads. "Never has one of these come up for sale EVER!! This is a completely one off, stunning handmade static display replica, built very sturdily from Metal and Wood. It has been fully weather proofed and can live outside! It even comes fitted to its own trailer, which it easily removes from as it is fitted to a metal frame stand so it doesn't have to be displayed on the trailer."

"You can make plenty of money hiring it out to promote businesses, night club promotions, conventions, events," they suggest. I'm just not sure I'd want to replace the engine in one of those things…

Eager to find out more, I caught up with the AT-ST's current owner, Martin Fillery of Hollywood's Finest… and he revealed that it's hard to let go of such an impressive and imposing item.

"I'm looking to buy my first property," he explained. "First-time buyer so something amazing had to go."

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A collector himself, Martin has amassed an amazing assortment of film and TV replicas including a TARDIS, a Hulk statue and even a P-5000 Power Loader from the film 'Aliens'. But for me, the AT-ST is without a doubt his most impressive piece.

"I bought it a while back," he explained. "It was something a group of people had made. I was actually selling a fully-wearable C-3PO costume when someone contacted me and asked if I would be interested in some kind of deal."

"He didn't fit in the costume," he laughed. "But I ended up buying the AT-ST anyway."

Unfortunately, I should point out that this AT-ST isn't a fully-working replica… and while it's in excellent condition, remember it was hijacked by Chewbacca outside the Imperial base on Endor. So you might want to give the pilot's seat a quick rub down. Especially if you're allergic to animal fur.

What do you think of this amazing 16-foot AT-ST? Would you pay £9,800 for this awesome replica? Let us know in the comments below…

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