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Star Wars: Lost's Josh Holloway "would love" to play Han Solo

'Lost's Josh Holloway, who played sarcastic smooth-talker Sawyer on ABC's hit television series, has expressed his interesting in joining the 'Star Wars' universe.

Since news of spin-off movies starring famous characters from the films first came out it was assumed one of those films would chart the early years of Han Solo, famously played by Harrison Ford.

Holloway's was among the many names thrown around as a potential young Solo, but would the role interest the actor?

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"Yeah, sure, I would love that. It'd be a blast. I'd love to do that," he told E! Online whilst discussing his latest TV series 'Intelligence'.

He also had a lot to say about Ford himself, who he has been working with on upcoming movie 'Paranoia', which also stars Amber Heard and Gary Oldman.

"I just did a movie where I almost tackled him," Holloway said. "I stuffed him in a car handcuffed. He's great. I had to arrest him and lock him up and shove him in car. I was like, 'I'm arresting Han Solo!'"

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He may not look it (the lucky sod) but Holloway is 43, and considering Ford was 34 when he first filmed 'A New Hope' in 1976, the 'Lost' star is almost certainly too old for the part.

However while we are unlikely to see Holloway as Solo we all know by now that Ford is almost certain to return to the part in J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

Earlier this week it was also reported that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is being lined up as the first new actor being brought onboard for Disney and LucasFilm's super-production.

What do you make of Josh Holloway? Do you think he is a good candidate (one for the 'Lost' fans there, get it?) to play Han Solo? Let us know in the comments below...