Star Wars Scum and Villainy

Star Wars: Master Escapologist takes on Boba Fett

But can Chris Cross escape the bounty hunter’s clutches?

When it comes to bounty hunters, there's one name that strikes fear into the hearts of men and Wookiees alike - Boba Fett. But this May 4th, the merciless Mandalorian might just have met his match…

With the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy on his tail, Chris Cross, a master of escapology, will be pitting his wits against Jeremy Bulloch himself (or Boba Fett to his friends) in a daring escape that will rock the galaxy. "This challenge will be Galactic!" he explains… and he isn't kidding. "Boba Fett froze Han Solo in Carbonite to keep him from Escaping... but this time he's got me." With 10 metres of solid steel chains, padlocks and handcuffs to escape from, it's going to be a tough challenge… but I'm sure Chris is more than up to task. "There was no escape for Solo until a thermal detonator made an appearance but I intend to escape without any assistance."

As you wish...

Jeremy himself will secure Captain Cross with padlocks and chains until he's entirely happy that not even Han Solo could find a way out. And then Chris has only 75 seconds to free himself from the restraints… or face certain disintegration. But this young escape artist certainly looks like he's got what it takes.

Of course, Boba Fett isn't the first legendary celebrity to take on Chris Cross - he's previously gone up against 'Iron' Mike Tyson and even boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard… but neither was able to contain him. "I challenged the former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, 'Iron' Mike Tyson to a contest of strength," he explained. "He had 90 seconds to use ALL of his strength to tie me up. I then had 90 seconds to use all of my strength to get out." And by the 89th second, it was all over.

What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me...

But Chris started looking for bigger and better challenges… and there's no-one deadlier than Boba Fett himself. "Boba Fett from Star Wars is known to be the man who hunts and captures… and he's the best in the galaxy. But he can't hold me - I'm too fast and too strong." And if you check out his YouTube channel, you'll see just how fast this guy really is… when it comes to keeping him captive, it looks like Boba might have met his match. And if you want to see more of Chris, you can catch him at his Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show from 8th - 24th August 2013 at The Wilkie House, Cowgate.

"It will be very exciting," Chris explains. "I'm a Star Wars fan too and love the movies." But when it comes to his challenge, he's as serious as Mohammed Ali… and even has a little trash talk for Boba…

"Fett may be cool with his helmet and blaster, but I'm much stronger & I'm much Faster.

He may have taken Solo to Jabba the Hutt, but I'm Captain Cross with the swagger and strut.

I'm an Escapology Master and y'all won't forget... how I easily escaped from the real Boba Fett"

Can Chris really escape the might of the Mandalorian? You'll have to head to North Shields on May 4th to find out. But let's hope so… after all, he's no good to us dead.

Do you think Chris can evade the clutches of Boba Fett himself? Are you doing anything special for May 4th?