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Star Wars: The pig that looks like Yoda

Jedi Master appears in the fat folds of a pig’s face

A long time ago on a farm far, far away… there was a pig that looked an awful lot like Jedi Master Yoda. And it wasn't long before she became an internet sensation.

Two-year-old Pot Belly pig, Ramona Flowers has taken the internet by storm today as it becomes obvious that she's adept in the ways of the Force… at least, that's what the fat folds in her forehead would have us believe.

The rather grumpy looking swine from Tijuana, Mexico bears an uncanny resemblance to Jedi Master Yoda from the classic 'Star Wars' movies… and it's a similarity that's seen her catapulted to internet infamy as her picture has spread like wildfire across social media sites.

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Luis Bojorquez from Tijuana, Mexico explains that despite Yoda being one of the most iconic figures of the 'Star Wars' saga, he was blissfully unaware of his pig's startling resemblance to the pint-sized Jedi…

"It was my wife's cousin that first noticed her head after she took a few pictures of Ramona," he explained. "It looks just like Yoda's face and I was really surprised that I had never noticed it before."

Search your feelings Luis… you know it to be true.

"I'm not so sure she would like the comparison," he continued. "We've always thought of her as a spoilt princess and if she found out it might make her have one of her infamous temper tantrums."

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"We called her Ramona Flowers because she reminds us of the character from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and has a feisty but fun nature, just like in the comics."

Unfortunately, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who plays Ramona Flowers in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World') was unavailable for comment…

"She attracts a lot of attention from neighbours and as she roams around freely and she is often brought back home by the local kid in the area."

Of course, the local kids don't usually have to go through Jedi training on their way back… but then, Tijuana is a long way from the Dagobah system. Let's just hope that Ramona finds her way back there aboard the Millennium Falcon with her good friend, Ham Solo…

May the Pork be with you.

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