Star Wars Rumour: Could Kathleen Kennedy take over as Disney CEO?

Ryan Leston
22 April 2013
Star Wars Rumour: Could Kathleen Kennedy take over as Disney CEO?
Current Disney Overlord, Bob Iger alongside leader of the Rebel Alliance, Kathleen Kennedy.

It looks as though Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy could be in the running for top dog over at The Walt Disney Studios.

Since taking over from Michael Eisner in 2005, current Disney CEO Bob Iger has certainly made his mark on the already insurmountable Mouse House. But as he edges increasingly closer to the end of his ten-year reign, it seems he's eager to leave the company in a better state than he found it… at least, financially.

More powerful than you could possibly imagine

The folks over at Variety explain that, "The acquisitions of Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm certainly helped put more coin in Disney's coffers."

But it's what he's done with those 'acquisitions' that strikes fear into the hearts of 'Star Wars' fans. Since acquiring Lucasfilm back in 2012, Disney have already left a rather heavy-handed impression on the 'Star Wars' universe. And I'm not talking about the announcement of 'Episode VII'… In the last few weeks, we've seen the cancellation of 'The Clone Wars' and the winding down of internal games production over at LucasArts. And the fans certainly aren't too happy.

So while he initiates another round of Disney lay-offs, it looks like Iger will be leaving a legacy of fear that Emperor Palpatine himself would be proud of. And although the Wall Street brokers might find value in a streamlined workforce, many are worried that Disney is sacrificing its creativity to make a quick buck. And that can't be good for anyone.

Come to the Dark Side

Thankfully, it looks like Iger's stranglehold on the famous home of Mickey Mouse won't last forever… and he's scheduled to step down as CEO in 2015. But who will take his place? The folks at Variety already have some ideas…

"Many expect theme park and resorts chief Thomas Staggs to land the CEO role, although there are rumblings that Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy also may now be in the running."

If you ask me, Kathleen Kennedy would be the perfect choice… even if that's said with a little bias. With more than 30 years' experience of the movie business behind her, Kennedy knows movies inside-out. She's produced some of the highest grossing films in cinema history and if you ask me, she's the perfect candidate for balancing the financial gain of the business with the creative ideals of the studio.

And I can't help thinking that her recent honour with the Pioneer of the Year Award will only strengthen her position as The Walt Disney Studios start to look for their new CEO. But should Kathleen Kennedy consider going to the Dark Side? I can't help thinking that if she does, she might just bring balance to the Force.

Is Kathleen Kennedy the perfect choice for Disney CEO? Who do you think should take over from Bob Iger?

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