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Star Wars Rumour: Liam McIntyre reads for Jedi role?

Spartacus actor admits he’s been up for a part in Episode VII

After the recent flurry of casting rumours, Liam McIntyre has admitted reading for a role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'… and the potential Jedi even got a glimpse of the new script.

Judging by the recent rumours and casting calls, it looks as though 'Star Wars' casting is well underway… and we've already seen a number of fresh faces attached to potential roles. But it looks as though some of our potential Jedi just can't keep it to themselves as Liam McIntyre admits that he's been up for the role of a Jedi in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. And he's even had a brief look at the script.

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According to the folks over at Rebel Force Radio, the 31-year-old actor revealed all when Riley from Star Wars Report caught up with him at last weekend's Dragon Con.

"I love Spartacus," explained Riley. "And I took the opportunity to interview a specific Australian actor." Later revealed to be Liam McIntyre, it seems that the 'Spartacus' star had plenty to say about his potential 'Episode VII' casting.

"He said that he had a chance to read one of the roles, for what he was basically strongly hinting was a Jedi."

But that's not all. After claiming that he's read for a part in 'Episode VII' it seems that McIntyre also claims to have read a small part of the actual script.

"It's not like he flew out to LA," Riley explained. "They have this proprietary software where it's like Mission Impossible - you get 15 seconds to read it before it blows up… It's not really enough to know anything other than enough to get you some lines and see what you look like on camera."

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The Australian actor is perhaps best known for playing the title role in the hit TV series 'Spartacus' but has also appeared in the long-running Australian soap 'Neighbours'.

"It's interesting to hear that it's going out internationally," added Riley. "It's not just staying local casting or UK casting… Instead of sticking with US or British actors, it's cool to hear them going further."

But could this be the first time we see an Australian Jedi? After revealing everything like this, I wouldn't bank on it.

Do you think Liam McIntyre would make a good Jedi? Does he still stand a chance after revealing all? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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