Star Wars Spin-Off Will Soon Head To Production

Although very little is known about the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spin-off, it looks as though the movie will be heading to Pinewood very soon.

It’s one of the more mysterious aspects of Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ plans – what exactly will the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spin-off be about? Unfortunately, we know next to nothing about this highly-anticipated movie… other than the fact that Gary Whitta and Gareth Edwards are on board to write and direct. But all that could be about to change when production heads over to Pinewood Studios.

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According to Making Star Wars, the upcoming spin-off movie will be heading into production soon enough… and that means setting up camp at Pinewood Studios.

“When James Bond finishes up at Pinewood, it will relinquish its space and crew to Star Wars spin-off number one,” said their source. And it looks as though a production office could be up and running soon.

“The first non-Skywalker Saga story is gearing up to go into production,” they explained. “A production office at Pinewood will be there really soon is the word around the studio… After Bond wraps at the studio, it will return to being a Star Wars centric space for its second new ‘Star Wars’ film.”

Apparently, a lot of the ‘Bond’ crew will be signing on for the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off… but  it seems that’s not exactly uncommon, after many of the ‘Star Wars VII’ crew reportedly went straight over to the new ‘Bond’ movie.

Unfortunately, we’re still at a loss when it comes to the actual content of the movie… and although we’ve heard plenty of rumours about a Boba Fett, mercenary-centric film, there’s still been no official confirmation.

Of course, with a production office opening in the early months of 2015, it’s likely that the New Year will bring some new casting rumours for the upcoming spin-off movie. And it may not be long before we get an official synopsis.

But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Picture Credit: Lucasfilm/WENN