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Cheeky Lucasfilm release 'Star Wars teaser trailer'

But it’s not quite what you think…

After rumours that Lucasfilm would release an official 'Star Wars' teaser trailer, it looks as though they've done just that… even if it's not quite what we had in mind.

The studio have unveiled the original 1976 promotional trailer for 'Star Wars' via their official YouTube channel, giving fans a chance to imagine what it might have been like to live in a world yet to experience the force. Give it a watch above.

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It was widely reported that we should expect some official 'Star Wars' news sooner rather than later… and while it's been subject to speculation, it seemed we might even get a glimpse at an official teaser trailer for 'Episode VII'. Now, in a rather cheeky move by the folks at Lucasfilm, it seems they've uploaded an archive copy of the original 1976 teaser trailer for 'Star Wars: A New Hope' instead. And while it's likely to make some fans absolutely livid, we think it's a pretty cool move.

The two-minute trailer features some impressive scenes from the original 'Star Wars' movie and it's nice to see how this all began some 36 years ago. But I get the feeling there are going to be some fans who feel a little let down.

Earlier today, rumours spread across the internet that we should expect some expect some official 'Star Wars' news on the horizon… over the next two days, to be exact. And while official casting and even the movie's title were mentioned, it was also rumoured that we might see a teaser trailer featuring Luke Skywalker himself.

Whether this original 'Star Wars' teaser was planned all along (and taken out of context by a slightly confused inside source) or that Lucasfilm responded with a cheeky ploy to play down the rumours is uncertain… but either way, it looks as though they've made the most out of the opportunity for a bit of free publicity.

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And let's face it - this archive teaser trailer certainly delivers on the original rumour. After all, it does feature Luke Skywalker.

But will we finally get some official news over the next couple of days? Could this old teaser trailer be leading up to something new? For now we'll have to wait and see… but it's certainly an exciting thought.

What do you think of the original 1976 teaser trailer? Will we receive some official news soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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