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ABU DHABI - APRIL 15: Crews roll out an object believed to be part of the set of the newest Star Wars film being shot somewhere in Abu Dhabi on April 15, 2014 in United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Mona Al Marzooqi/The National/GC Images)

After spotting a potential AT-AT foot in the deserts of Abu Dhabi, it looks as though 'Star Wars VII' insiders have revealed some details about the set…

It's no secret that the upcoming 'Star Wars' sequel has already begun production… and as the crew gears up in the United Arab Emirates, it looks as though there's a lot more going on than we first thought.

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According to the folks at The National, J.J. Abrams and co. have built an extensive practical set out in the desert. And it sounds as though it's ready for some action-packed scenes.

"Our sources report that the sets are getting closer to completion, with a 'whole world' having been built on an otherworldly salt lake at one location," they explain.

But that's not all.

The extensive sets are said to feature "a 'shuttle-like' spacecraft, a large tower, a 'big, centuries-old-looking market', something the crew are reportedly referring to as the 'alien house' and 10 to 15 'really fast buggies' powered by jet engines."

Of course, this a far cry from Alan Horn's recent statement that the shoot in Abu Dhabi was made up of "second-unit work". And with reports that un-named cast members appearing on set, it certainly sounds as though Abu Dhabi will stage some pretty pivotal scenes.

"We have also been told that two lorries of explosives have been brought to one of the sites under high security and that a blast crater has been created," they revealed. "So, it looks like the action in Abu Dhabi could be set to feature a major battle or spacecraft crash of some description."

One popular fan theory is that the Abu Dhabi shoot will show Han and Leia's children heading to Tatooine to find their uncle Luke - a Jedi who has been living in exile. An unexpected Imperial attack results in a speeder chase through the Mos Eisley market place.

And while it's unlikely that this will come to anything, it's certainly fun to think about.

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The Abu Dhabi shoot is expected to last at least until the end of the month… and with speculation that the deserts could provide a backdrop for the classic 'Star Wars' planet, Tatooine, it seems there's a lot more going on than we first thought.

Of course, Abrams is keen to keep prying eyes out… and reports indicate that local police and military are checking all vehicles in the area to avoid further information leaking from the set.

But while details remain scarce about the 'Star Wars VII' film shoot, one thing is clear - there's a lot more to come out from the sets in Abu Dhabi.

What do you think of the 'Star Wars VII' Abu Dhabi shoot? Is there an epic battle or a spacecraft crash coming to Tatooine? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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