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Star Wars VII shooting schedule revealed?

Episode VII rumoured to begin shooting in May

COMMENT | After J.J. Abrams hinted at a May start date, it looks as though the shooting schedule for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' may have been revealed.

That's right folks - we've got another rumoured start date for the upcoming 'Star Wars' sequel and it looks as though it tallies with what we've already heard. But while J.J. Abrams himself has hinted towards a May start date for 'Episode VII' it seems that production is likely to kick-off mid-May. But when are they expecting to wrap? And has casting all been sorted by now? It looks as though we've got word on that, too.

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According to the folks at HitFix, Abrams' suggestion of a May start date lines up with what they've been hearing… and he's planning to get filming completed just a few months later.

"Multiple sources now have confirmed for us that 'Star Wars: Episode VII' is set to start shooting mid-May and will run through September of this year," they said. "Most principal casting on the film is complete, with many announcements still to come. While Abrams had mentioned May during the TCA press tour and there had been speculation about the summer date, the full production schedule was finally confirmed for us."

Of course, this tallies with an earlier report from journalist Ali Arikan, claiming that 'Star Wars VII' would begin filming on May 19… and would continue through until August 8. And it seems to leave 'Star Wars VII' over a year for post-production - a wise move if you consider the amount of VFX that goes into a film like 'Episode VII'.

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Also claiming that casting is almost complete (apart from two lead roles) it looks as though HitFix's 'multiple sources' have added weight to this tentative shooting schedule. But is the casting really nearing completion?

If true, it looks as though we should expect some official casting news at any minute… and I'd be willing to bet it's going to be sooner rather than later. With only three months until the supposed start date, it's likely that Disney and Lucasfilm will want to hit us with an official announcement before details of the cast are leaked. And that's bound to be sometime before shooting begins.

As for who we'll see in the galaxy far, far away… for now, we'll just have to wait and see. But my money's on the original trio making a spectacular comeback.

What do you think of the 'Star Wars VII' shooting schedule? Who do you think will be joining the cast? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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