Star Wars wedding photo goes viral

Ryan Leston
Star Wars wedding photo goes viral
It's a trap! At least, that's what the Best Man said in his speech...

Almost every bride-to-be worries about their wedding being ruined. What if the flowers don't arrive? Or the Best Man forgets the rings? But no one expects an all-out Imperial assault…

After last week's terrifying T-Rex attack on an unsuspecting wedding party, it looks as though the situation has taken a turn for the worse with an unprecedented show of force by the Galactic Empire. Usually hell-bent on galactic domination rather than catching the bridal bouquet, the Imperial AT-ATs led the charge against one unlucky couple… and the carnage which ensued is best left out of their wedding album. So while we all remember Vadering, it seems there's a new photo trend in town… but you might have to get married first.

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This incredible wedding photo depicts the happy couple and their entourage being chased down Eglinton Ave. in Toronto by a group of AT-ATs… and frankly, it looks awesome.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, photographer Tony Lombardo explained that it was his idea to take the rather epic photo.

"[It's] funny how something that you have literally five minutes to shoot can turn out so awesome when the bridal party commits to the challenge," he explained. "You really only get one take when asking women in heels to run for their lives!"

And thankfully, the bride was totally on board with this wacky suggestion… as she happened to be a huge 'Star Wars' fan.

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In an interview with GMA Live, the couple explained the reason behind this awesome 'Star Wars' wedding photo.

"I'm a secret nerd," explained the bride, Lesley Sieler… although after this awesome photo went viral, I'm guessing the cat's out of the bag. "[Tony] knew we were big 'Star Wars' fans, and he said he'd seen the T-Rex photo and wanted to try it with the AT-ATs," she explained. "And we're like, 'Absolutely, let's do it.' The AT- ATs were perfect for us, because I'm a huge 'Star Wars' buff. We have the 'Star Wars' Trivial Pursuit game at home and I'm pretty unbeatable."

"We loved the idea," said groom, Paul Kingston. "So we just said, 'Let's go for it'."

In order to take this impressive photo, the wedding party actually had to stop traffic briefly… Now that's some commitment. But the pay-off was definitely worth it. After later shooting images of their son's AT-AT toy and adding them to the picture in Photoshop, the result is this rather epic 'Star Wars' wedding photo… and I'm sure it's something they'll remember for the rest of their lives. But while the Force is definitely with these newlyweds, what can we expect next from this crazy new craze? A wedding ceremony in the Death Star trench? Wedding breakfast in the Mos Eisley Cantina? We can only hope.

Would you do this at your wedding? Which other epic movie scenes will we see in wedding photos?

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