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Star Wars: White House petition calls for National R2-D2 Day

It seems our favourite astromech might get some recognition after all…

Since the White House launched its online petition website 'We The People', it has seen all manner of weird and wacky petitions. We've seen proposals to deport Piers Morgan and even to reveal the official White House Beer recipe… but when it comes to online petitions, it's 'Star Wars' fans who have prompted the most incredible response to date.

Back in November 2012, a petition was created prompting the US government to build its very own Death Star… and managed to gain the required number of signatures to require an official response. And as well all know by now, White House officials played along spectacularly… offering an astounding response titled "This Isn't The Petition Response You're Looking For." But while the White House certainly has a sense of humour, now it's time for them to take 'Star Wars' fans a bit more seriously…

These are the droid we're looking for

The National R2-D2 Day petition, created on March 14th, aims to "create a national R2-D2 Day whose motto is 'selfless not selfish' and commemorates underappreciated heroes."

It's a charming idea and will no-doubt resonate with the fans. After all, we all know someone like R2-D2, who puts the needs of others first without ever thinking of themselves. And the petition goes on to explain the meaning behind R2-D2 Day and why this plucky little droid should become a symbol of recognition.

"In the iconic Star Wars saga, R2-D2 always seems to save the day, getting his Jedi masters and the forces of the Republic out of harm's way, and doing so with grace and humor. But the astromech droid never gets the full credit or honors he deserves for his deeds."

Come along now R2...

When you really think about, it's absolutely spot on. Throughout the entire saga, R2-D2 saves the day time and time again. He delivers Princess Leia's message to Obi-Wan Kenobi, activates the hyperdrive aboard the Millennium Falcon and even helps young Anakin fly that god-awful starfighter in 'Episode I'. And he isn't once honoured for his heroic deeds. The petition explains that "R2 is a stand-in for all of the underappreciated and unheralded heroes in our everyday lives -- in our workplaces, schools and communities."

The petition calls for the US government to honour these unrecognised heroes… with their very own national holiday. "We should all join together on a national holiday to pay homage to those who, like R2, live by the 'selfless, not selfish' creed."

And I have to admit - I couldn't agree more.

'We the People' is an official US government website, similar to the government petition system here in the UK. While it requires a certain number of signatures before an official response is given, it provides Americans with an incredible opportunity to make their voices heard.

Despite the White House's hilarious response to the Death Star petition, I sincerely hope that this one is given a little more consideration. After all, there are plenty of R2-D2s out there who selflessly help those in need… and maybe it's time they got the credit and appreciation they deserve.

Should the White House consider this proposal? Would you sign the petition for a National R2-D2 Day?