'Star Wars' movies all have the wrong titles, according to viral video

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Suddenly, nothing we thought we knew about 'Star Wars' makes sense. (Credit: Lucasfilm)
Suddenly, nothing we thought we knew about 'Star Wars' makes sense. (Credit: Lucasfilm)

Every movie in the Star Wars franchise has the wrong title, according to one very perceptive TikTok user.

The video maker, known as Fake Disney Facts, explained why The Rise of Skywalker should actually be called The Phantom Menace — as the phrase literally describes Palpatine in J.J. Abrams’s movie.

Meanwhile, the 1999 prequel trilogy opener introduces audiences to Anakin Skywalker and so could easily be called The Rise of Skywalker.

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He also pointed out that, in 2005’s Revenge of the Sith, "Order 66 happens and the clones attack" and so it should probably borrow the title of its immediate predecessor, Attack of the Clones.

Almost 500,000 people have liked the video at the time of writing, suggesting that it’s not just Fake Disney Facts who thinks there has been a mix-up with the naming.

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The video has immediately caused a stir on social media, with people flabbergasted at just how logical it appears to be.

It’s another mark of the internet’s continued fascination with Star Wars and its unique status in fan culture, with the movies sparking fresh debate on an almost daily basis.

Fans are still busy concocting theories, untangling the complex timeline of the movies and TV shows and discussing their favourite and least favourite aspects of Star Wars.

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Recently, Star Wars shot back to the top of the UK box office thanks to a re-release of Empire Strikes Back — or perhaps The Force Awakens, as Fake Disney Facts suggests — in newly reopened cinemas.

Fans will have to wait a little longer, however, for a new trip to the galaxy far, far away as Disney has delayed three upcoming Star Wars projects in its reshuffled post-coronavirus slate.

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