Starbucks Is Celebrating Valentine's Day With New Drinks And Merch

Valentine's Day drinks at Starbucks
Valentine's Day drinks at Starbucks - Starbucks

Starbucks has two new seasonal menu items for you to love this Valentine's season, launching Tuesday, January 30, and available while supplies last. Naturally, this menu is all chocolate and strawberries.

For something lovingly festive, Starbucks is offering a new chocolate-covered strawberry crème Frappucino. This creamy pink drink features ice and milk blended with strawberry purée and java chips topped with whipped cream. If you're a fan of the permanent-menu strawberry crème Frappucino and chocolate, you'll love this seasonal update to the classic.

For a little more buzz to keep you going, Starbucks has a new cold brew option: Chocolate hazelnut cookie. This iced coffee option is sweetened with hazelnut syrup and topped with chocolate cream cold foam and chocolate cookie crumble. This is the next installment in Starbucks' season of hazelnut coffee after introducing a new iced hazelnut shaken espresso to its permanent menu this winter.

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Other Items For You To Love This Month

Starbucks Valentine's cups
Starbucks Valentine's cups - Starbucks

If you're more into ordering off of secret menus at Starbucks, there's an unofficial Valentine's Day drink going viral on social media. A Starbucks barista filmed a TikTok showing exactly how to order this drink: An iced white mocha with half-pumps of white mocha and hazelnut, and add strawberry cold foam. This drink is tricky to order online or on the app because strawberry cold foam isn't a standard customization option, but being very sweet to your baristas in-store could get you a date with this drink.

If you want to treat yourself, a date, or a pal this Valentine's Day, you can buy some new bling and wear your heart on your mug with Starbucks' new line of love-inspired merch. This line hit shelves earlier in January and features a tri-color gradient cold cup, a floral mug, a metallic cold cup with flowers and hearts featuring a heart-shaped straw topper, a six-pack of holiday-inspired color-changing reusable hot cups, and a heart-covered glass water bottle.

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