Stargate Reboot Lands Two New Writers

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It looks as though a ‘Stargate’ reboot is forging ahead, as it lands two new writers. But what can we expect as we head back through the wormhole?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming ‘Stargate’ remake has found two writers to join the project – Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods

“Stargate, the relaunch of the 1990s Roland Emmerich sci-fi film property from MGM and Warner Bros., has found its writers,” they reveal. “Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are in final negotiations to pen the script of what is intended to be the first of a trilogy that Emmerich is slated to direct. Dean Devlin, who co-wrote the original movie with Emmerich, is producing.”

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“The duo are relatively new writers and they recently worked with Emmerich writing on Fox’s Independence Day 2, with the studio greenlighting the movie off their draft,” they added. “Emmerich warmed up to Wright and Woods when his Centropolis Entertainment banner picked up a secret action thriller from the duo.”

Of course, with Wright and Woods quickly developing a good working relationship with Roland Emmerich, perhaps they were the perfect choice to take on the rebooted ‘Stargate’ franchise.

But what’s all this about a ‘Stargate’ trilogy?

It’s been over twenty years since ‘Stargate’ headed to the big screen… starring Kurt Russell and James Spader as they explore a new world through a seemingly ancient portal. But since then, we’ve seen countless adaptations and spin-offs – most notably, ‘Stargate SG-1’.

Starring Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O’Neill, ‘SG-1’ gave us ten whole seasons of ‘Stargate’ as well as two DVD movies. And rather awesome it was, too.

But does this new ‘Stargate’ reboot quash the entire ‘Stargate’ franchise?

Considering that Roland Emmerich had very little to do with ‘SG-1’, it’s likely that the new trilogy of films will completely ignore the events of the series… and if you ask me, that’s a crying shame.

Either way, it looks as though we finally get more ‘Stargate’.

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