Stars Wars comes to support of Krystina Arielle over racist abuse

April Roach
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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Star Wars has come out in support of Krystina Arielle, the host of its upcoming web series The High Republic Show after she received racist abuse online for a tweet.

Ms Arielle started receiving online harassment after a tweet she shared during the Black Lives Matter protests last summer resurfaced online.

Twitter users began sharing Ms Arielle’s old tweets soon after she was announced as the host of Star Wars: the High Republic Show.

In one tweet Ms Arielle speaks about the responsbilities of white people when it comes to structural racism.

“White People: You do not get to absolve people of racism,” said Ms Arielle in a tweet shared in June, 2020.

“You do not get to point out their ‘Growth’ when they say black lives matter after treating us as if we don’t. You don’t get to accept apologies on our behalf. That shouldn’t need to be said.”

The cosplayer shared screenshots of some of the racist abuse she had received.

She tweeted on Saturday “The last 24 hours have been ... not the greatest”.

Star Wars tweeted in support of Ms Arielle from its official Twitter account, saying: "Our Star Wars community is one of hope and inclusivity".

Social media users spoke out in support of Ms Arielle and the hastag #IStandWithKrystina started trending on Twitter.

Many pointed out the irony that the abusers were accusing Ms Arielle of racism and then sending her racist abuse.

Writer and actor Dani Fernandez shared the hashtag and called on people to protect black voices and black creators.

“Krystina speaking out on white supremacy, white privilege, and the complicity of whiteness in America is not an easy or safe thing to do," said Fernandez on Twitter.

“Black voices BELONG in Star Wars."

Matthew Mercer, host of the Critical Role podcast, which has featured Ms Arielle, added: “There are few as bright, badass and altogether wonderful as @KrystinaArielle, and anyone who tries to step into her ring better know we're right there beside her.”

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