The State That Is Home To The Most Lazy Dog Restaurant Locations

Lazy Dog takeout box and food
Lazy Dog takeout box and food - Lazy Dog Restaurants / Facebook

For over twenty years, Lazy Dog Restaurant has catered to customers on two and four legs alike. The chain is known for its rustic ambiance, delicious and diverse food and drinks, and a welcoming and highly pet-friendly attitude, including a menu just for pups! While the restaurant has expanded, dog lovers are much more likely to find Lazy Dog in one state than any other, and that's California, home to just under 30 of the chain's more than 50 restaurants or planned locations.

This makes sense, as California is the nation's most populous state, and where Lazy Dog began in 2003 with a restaurant in Huntington Beach. California is one of just eight states where dog-loving diners can find the restaurant. Texas has the second most, with seven current locations and two more planned. Colorado comes in at third with five Lazy Dog locations, followed by Illinois with four current or expected Lazy Dogs. Georgia has three, while Florida, Nevada, and Virginia have two apiece.

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Lazy Dog Continues To Grow

interior of lazy dog restaurant
interior of lazy dog restaurant - Smith Collection/gado/Getty Images

Unfortunately, those living in the other 42 states, including high-population regions like the Northeast and much of the South, upper Midwest, and Pacific Northwest, are out of luck. People and pups from these areas will have to travel to get their dog-friendly food fix — or wait for a Lazy Dog Restaurant to open in their neighborhood. It's certainly possible, as the company has been growing rapidly over the past decade from just a dozen locations in 2013. Lazy Dog even thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic while many other sit-down restaurants floundered, thanks in part to an innovative beer club program and the development of retro TV dinner-style meals for takeout.

There's little doubt Lazy Dog will be one of those chain restaurants that will be everywhere in 2024, with plans from the company to open its first Pennsylvania restaurant and expand elsewhere. Still, it's also clear that no other state has a shot at challenging California's status as "top dog" for this popular establishment anytime soon.

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