Station 19: How That ‘Shocking’ Appearance By Maya’s Brother Will Affect The Rest Of The Final Season, According To Danielle Savre

 Danielle Savre on Station 19.
Danielle Savre on Station 19.

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for Station 19’s March 28 episode “True Colors.”

Station 19 was showing its pride on March 28 — even its logo boasted a rainbow makeover — with our favorite firefighters refusing to let hate win and instead dancing the night away after a chaotic scene at Seattle’s Pride Parade. For Maya Bishop, however, the events of the day won’t be as easily remedied. The unexpected run-in with her brother will reverberate through the drama’s final season, Danielle Savre said, after her character saw him protesting at the parade.

As the firefighters showed their support during the parade and kept an eye on the festivities, Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) confronted a group of protesters. When Ben Warren (Jason George) and Maya went over to intervene, the latter caught a glimpse of what she thought was a familiar face. She later confirmed it was her brother Mason, when she saw him without his face covering. Danielle Savre opened up about how that affected her character, telling Parade:

It's shocking. She's really processing it the first time that she sees him. There's a trajectory where she first sees him and doesn't know it's him, and then when she actually confirms it is him, she is still shocked and trying to process it all. I don't think in this moment she fully understood what it means in raising her own son yet, but that will be explored.

Maya did seem to be in shock, and who could blame her? Her brother has been an inconsistent presence in her adult life, and she’s finally at a good place with her wife Carina (Stefania Spampinato) and the new baby they adopted.

Station 19
Station 19

Mason being involved with these protesters is apparently going to have an effect on how she parents, and she teased that things are going to get pretty heated. Danielle Savre continued:

I think it's just a complete shock. Coming face to face with that fact—you know, we haven't visited her brother's storyline in years, so I think it's a shock and we'll see where that storyline goes because we are going to get some intense stuff from it.

Mason has made a few appearances on Station 19 so far in the series’ run. There’s a lot of tension between him and his older sister due to their parents not supporting his art and favoring Maya because of her athletic endeavors. This led to struggles with addiction and homelessness, and this new development isn’t going to make things between them any easier.

I hate that Maya is going to go through more pain in Station 19’s final season, but this is undoubtedly an important issue that the show wants to explore over multiple episodes. The showrunners seem intent on making as much of an impact as possible before becoming one of 2024’s canceled TV series.

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