Steam Olive Oil And Milk Together For A Creamier Coffee Experience

A glass mug of olive oil coffee next to coffee beans
A glass mug of olive oil coffee next to coffee beans - gateslena/Shutterstock

Ever wish your morning cup of joe could be creamier without using heavy cream, creamer, or butter? Well, you're in luck. Simply steam olive oil and milk together for a delectably smooth coffee experience. Steaming olive oil and milk will result in a fluffy emulsion that's perfect for creating latte art or making coffee even frothier. (On the contrary, steamed milk alone is very airy and tends to deflate and liquefy over time.)

The theory behind this is similar to making bulletproof coffee, where you combine MCT or coconut oil and butter with coffee. Now, if you're worried that your coffee will be too oily or will taste like an Italian salad or pasta, don't be. While you will still taste the olive oil in the coffee, the taste should be subtle and welcomed, thanks to the tempering from the milk and the balancing act from the bitterness and acidity of the coffee.

When starting out, however, be sure not to drown your coffee with olive oil; otherwise, the taste will be overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to add about 1 teaspoon of olive oil per cup of coffee. Now, does the choice of olive oil matter? The answer is yes, and we recommend a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil to steam with your milk or mix directly into your coffee. An olive oil with a milder olive flavor is best because, once again, you don't want its flavors to be too overpowering. We're making coffee, not an Italian dinner.

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Creative Ways To Infuse Olive Oil In Your Coffee

An iced olive oil coffee next to olive oil and coffee beans
An iced olive oil coffee next to olive oil and coffee beans - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

As for what milk is best to pair with olive oil, we've found dairy milk and oat milk to be ideal. If you don't have a steamer, don't fret. You can even bypass using milk altogether and drizzle a spoonful of olive oil directly into black coffee. Be sure to stir or whisk it vigorously with a spoon; otherwise, you'll end up with a layer of olive oil on top of the coffee. (It would be like drinking pure olive oil and then coffee.)

You can also pour the coffee and olive oil into a blender and watch your brew transform into a creamier drink. Without a steamer, you could also use a milk frother and froth the olive oil along with the milk before adding the creamy, fluffy cold foam mixture to your coffee. There is so much room to be inventive, here. Try this hack: Add ice, coffee, milk, and olive oil to a mason jar and shake it until it's frothy and creamy.

So, whether you choose to steam olive oil with milk for a velvety latte or mix it directly into your black coffee, olive oil offers a unique, plant-based way to add depth and creaminess to your joe. Next time you're brewing your daily cup, consider reaching for that bottle of extra-virgin olive oil and making some extra creamy coffee. After all, even Starbucks is trying out olive oil-infused coffee with its new Oleato line!

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