Step Aside Go-Gurt, Aldi's Moo Tubes Are A Delicious Copycat

customer browsing yogurt aisle with cart
customer browsing yogurt aisle with cart - LADO/Shutterstock

Though most of the products lining Aldi's shelves are private label, the German grocery chain carries a select number of major brands if there's a high enough demand for them. In the yogurt section, you'll find Danimals and YoCrunch, but if you're looking for Go-Gurt, you'll only be able to buy an Aldi copycat version of it called Moo Tubes, which is sold under the store's Friendly Farms yogurt brand. In some cases, store brands are subpar to name brands, but with Aldi's Moo Tubes, that doesn't seem to be the case. Indeed, both products offer a convenient way to consume the fermented dairy product in a nifty plastic tube.

Even if you don't typically shop at Aldi, Moo Tubes may still be worth seeking out for their lower price point. While prices vary by location, a 16-ounce box of Go-Gurt can cost almost $4, but at Aldi, you can get the same amount for generally under $2 depending on where you shop. Unless you really care about the brand, when it comes to portable, tubular yogurt, Moo Tubes would appear to be the better deal.

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Moo Tubes Vs Go-Gurt

Moo Tubes boxes on display at aldi
Moo Tubes boxes on display at aldi - Twitter/ivyhollivana

While Moo Tubes might be superior to Go-Gurt in terms of price, how do they compare as far as taste is concerned? If variety is a main priority, you could be disappointed with Moo Tubes. Currently, Moo Tubes only come in two flavors — Melonberry and Cotton Candy. Go-Gurt is available in Cotton Candy and Mixed Berry too, but there's also Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, Punch, and more.

As far as the quality of the yogurt itself is concerned, both brands are comparable. Even though the ingredients listed are not identical, Go-Gurt and Moo Tubes are both made with Grade A Milk. Go-Gurt however uses fat free milk, while Moo Tubes uses one percent milk. The Moo Tubes formula is fortified with Vitamin A and D, as is the Go-Gurt one, but Go-Gurt's contains added calcium. Both also rely on "natural flavor" rather than artificial, with their yogurts coming out to be 50 calories per tube. Considering their differences are fairly minor, you may not even be able to tell them apart.

What Customers Say About Aldi's Moo Tubes

holding up strawberry moo tube package
holding up strawberry moo tube package - Twitter/james_k_earley

Moo Tubes have received generally positive reviews from Aldi customers (moreso the yogurt than the name of the product). One shopper went so far as to describe them as "100% yummier than the Go-Gurt brand" on a Reddit thread, and other commenters seemed to agree, though one pointed out that there's a noticeable difference in flavor if you're used to eating Go-Gurts.

The Cotton Candy flavor doesn't taste exactly like real Cotton Candy and isn't very sweet, according to one YouTuber. Blog Aldi Reviewer had similar feedback, comparing it to Blue Raspberry. Judging by the pictures of fruit printed on the box, the other Moo Tube flavor, Melonberry, is supposed to taste like watermelon and raspberry, but apparently it has a general fruity flavor that tastes mostly like strawberries. However, even though the flavors of Aldi's Go-Gurt copycat aren't quite spot on, it's clear that most customers like them anyway since they're similar enough to the original and not as expensive.

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