Stephanie Beatriz hasn't heard anything about Encanto 2

stephanie beatriz
Stephanie Beatriz has no update on Encanto 2Gilbert Carrasquillo - Getty Images

Encanto star Stephanie Beatriz has revealed she hasn’t heard any news on a potential sequel.

The Disney film was released to acclaim and proved a major success when released on the studio’s streaming service.

Despite attaining a wide audience, news on a follow-up have been scarce, and Beatriz revealed that she hadn’t personally heard anything about a sequel despite stating her eagerness to reprise her role as Mirabel.

stephanie beatriz
Gilbert Carrasquillo - Getty Images

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"I would love to work with them [the crew] again," she told The Wrap. "That team on that film was so incredible to work with that. I think a lot of [director's Jared Bush and Byron Howard’s] time right now is being taken up by other stuff.

"I know Jared and I think Bryon too are working on the second Zootopia right now. But I would love to work with them again. I go to the parks a lot and whenever people recognise me they ask about that [Encanto 2] too.

"So I know fans of the film are really, really eager to know if it’s going to get a sequel, I would love to do that. I think there’s a ton of story to be told and there’s so many people that would love to see that, but I haven’t heard jack shit," she added.

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Whilst Beatriz is none the wiser as to the possibility of a sequel, Adassa stated that she was "almost dying" from coronavirus when she secured the role of Mirabel's cousin, Dolores.

"I said, 'I'm taking this. You can call them back and tell [them] I'm not taking it only if I'm dead.' It was like a miracle. It was like I was training like Rocky for a fight. Every day it was like, 'I'm going to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen'," she said.

Encanto is streaming on Disney+.

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