Stephen Amell Is Returning To Vancouver To Film ‘Almost 12 Years To The Day’ After He Shot Arrow’s Pilot, And This Time He’ll Be Suiting Up In A Different Way

 Stephen Amell on Arrow.
Stephen Amell on Arrow.

While it is now a somewhat distant memory, the Arrowverse took both DC comics fans and those who loved The CW by storm for over a decade. Viewers were able to enjoy six (sort of) interconnected shows centered around popular comic book superheroes, and the genesis of that TV universe came from the beloved Arrow in 2012, which starred Stephen Amell as the embattled titular vigilante. Now, he’s headed back to Vancouver to film another pilot “almost 12 years to the day” after he filmed the pilot that made him famous. But, this time he’ll be suiting up in a very different way.

What Did Stephen Amell Say About Filming A New Pilot And What’s He Working On?

After eight seasons of triumphs, tragedies, fighting, friendship, love and a lot of weirdness, Stephen Amell was finally able to give Oliver Queen a happy ending in early 2020. The years since saw him suit up to play a wrestler on the Starz drama, Heels, for two seasons, and now he’s headed back to Vancouver to film a brand new pilot, telling fans on Instagram:

I can bet that it really is “surreal” for the actor, who basically made a home of the Canadian city while filming his DC hit there from 2012 through late 2019, when the stars shared lots of heartfelt farewells after they wrapped on the series finale. Now, he’s “so excited” to be back in British Columbia, but he did leave fans hanging on what exactly it is that he’s filming.

Luckily, while he didn’t confirm it, his new project is hardly a huge mystery, as the salmon ladder champ was recently announced as the lead of the new Suits spinoff, Suits L.A., and seeing as how it was scheduled to start filming in the city he happens to now be in at the time Amell is now there, well, it’s not hard to put together that his time as a Los Angeles legal eagle has probably begun!

As we likely all know by now, Suits had a massive run last year after the first eight seasons became a hit for those with a Netflix subscription in the summer. That led to a huge amount of interest in creator Aaron Korsh revisiting the world in some way, and he came through with an idea set in Los Angeles, with brand new “amazing looking people in great clothes” starring.

It was in mid-February that we found out that Amell landed another TV gig in the form of the lead in Suits L.A. He’s portraying Ted Black in the pilot, a “charismatic force of nature who puts his own needs above others,” and started his entertainment/criminal law firm 15 years prior to the events of the potential series with his best friend, Stuart Lane (who’ll be played by The Walking Dead alum, Josh McDermitt).

I know everyone is just as excited as the star is for Suits L.A., but it’s important to remember that, as of right now, NBC has only ordered a pilot for the drama, but we’ll surely hear about whether or not we can expect a full series of the spinoff in the coming weeks.