Stephen Colbert can't recover when Jeff Sessions joke falls apart

Stephen Colbert attempted to poke fun at former Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Thursday night but things didn’t quite go as planned. Sessions had just announced his bid to reclaim his old Senate seat amid continued attacks by Donald Trump. Colbert teed up a bit in which he’d do a mock interview to get the former AG’s thoughts on the matter so he welcomed him to the show in the form of a Keebler E.L. Fudge Elfwich cookie, as is tradition.

Unfortunately for Colbert, the first cookie he grabbed was broken. He tried to keep the joke going, saying in his best Jeff Sessions voice, “Uh oh, I’m coming apart at the seams. Let me get a fresh version of me.” 

He tossed that one aside and grabbed another cookie only to discover that one was also broken. He tossed that one aside and soon realized they were out of cookies.

“Is there another one?” Colbert asked. “That’s the only one. Those are the only two we had.” That’s when Colbert went to grab one of the broken cookies but gave up on the bit, explaining in his regular voice, “We had, like, eight for rehearsal.”

Then there was nothing left to do but eat the cookie.

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