Stephen Colbert Pokes Trump Right In His 2 Sorest Spots In Scathing Joke

Stephen Colbert hit Donald Trump from two directions at once on Monday night as he mocked the ex-president’s struggling website as well as his legal battles.

Trump on Easter Sunday fired off dozens of angry messages during a lengthy holiday rant on Truth Social. By Monday, the company’s stock was in free fall after an SEC filing indicated a dire financial situation.

“On revenues of just $4 million, Truth Social lost $58 million,” Colbert said. “How could that be? They had such a solid business model: Old rapist yells at Easter.”

The notoriously thin-skinned Trump has thrown tantrums at late-night comics for joking about him ― but Colbert’s crack hits two areas he’s especially sensitive about: his money and his legal battles.

Trump is known to get especially angry when anyone implies he’s not as rich or successful as he’s claimed. He’s also currently suing ABC and host George Stephanopoulos for saying he was found “liable for rape” in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

The jury actually found him liable for sexual abuse, not rape. However, a U.S. district judge has called the term “substantially true under common modern parlance,” just not in the narrower legal definition in New York.

See more in Colbert’s Monday night “Late Show” monologue: