Stephen Colbert Trolls All the ‘Thirsty-Ass Bitches’ at SOTU


To celebrate Joe Biden’s State of the Union address and be the first to dish out the post-SOTU snark, Stephen Colbert stayed up past his bedtime on Thursday to host a live edition of The Late Show. And boy, was he rewarded.

While Colbert surprised many by not even mentioning Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), or her hat—despite her desperate attempts to draw attention away from the evening’s proceedings—he knew what his viewers really came for.

“I hear you asking out there: ‘Steve, were there any thirsty-ass bitches in the audience?’”

“The answer is yes,” Colbert continued. “Because thanks to rules giving former members of Congress floor access, George Santos attended the State of the Union.”

Come on! You can’t just go back to your old job like you never left,” said Colbert, adding: “Unless you’re Jon Stewart. Keep it up, Jon—you’re crushing it!”

As for notable absences, Colbert couldn’t help but notice one embattled SCOTUS member who was not in attendance.

“Ahead of the president’s arrival, members of the Supreme Court filed in,” Colbert reported. “Interestingly, Justice Clarence Thomas did not attend. It’s nice to know he’s willing to recuse himself from something.”

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