Stephen Fry Slammed For 'Awkward' Stephen Hawking BAFTA Impression

BAFTA Film Awards presenter Stephen Fry has been criticised for doing an impression of Professor Stephen Hawking after the much-loved scientist presented an award.

The physics genius was on stage with ‘The Theory Of Everything’ star Felicity Jones to present the award for Best Visual Effects, which Fry followed by saying “That was really super” in the style of Hawking’s distinctive computerised voice. Watch it below.

It got a muted laugh in the Opera House, and a mixed response online from people watching along at home. Some slammed Fry calling his gag “awkward” and “uncomfortable’, while others laughed along.


Hawking lost the use of his voice in 1985 after having a tracheotomy while being treated for pneumonia. He’s used a state of the art electronic voice generator to communicate ever since.

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His life story ‘The Theory Of Everything’ scooped 3 awards on the night for Best Adapted Screenplay, Outstanding British Film, and Best Actor for Eddie Redmayne who was photographed with the Professor heading for the show afterparty.

The professor is said to have a good sense of humour, so we’re sure he probably wasn’t offended, after all, this is the same man who appeared on The Simpsons using a wheelchair equipped with comedy punching arms, and helicopter blades.

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Image credits: Twitter/SNAP.PA/Associated Press