Stephen Mangan wants as many different jobs as possible

Stephen Mangan gets bored easily credit:Bang Showbiz
Stephen Mangan gets bored easily credit:Bang Showbiz

Stephen Mangan is terrified of being “stuck in the same thing”.

The ‘Split’ star is only too happy to juggle jobs including acting, children’s author, TV presenter and radio host because he has a “low boredom threshold” and feels the need to always “stretch” himself with no clear path in mind.

He told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I have a low boredom threshold and love the fact that at my age I’m still getting offered stuff I’ve never done before.

“I have a fear of being stuck in the same thing. For some people that’s calming and reassuring – we all have mortgages and bills to pay and I know some people find it hard without a routine or steady income.

“Careers also rise and fall and maybe I won’t get any work for a while. But I relish that challenge.

“I constantly need to stretch myself. I don’t know where I’ll be next year and I like not knowing.”

And while he may be very busy, Stephen – who has three sons with wife Louise Delamere – is keen to get on stage, but admitted theatre roles don’t always work well with family life.

He explained: “There are lots of theatre roles I’d love to have a go at, but plays are difficult with family life, because six nights a week you’re on stage and you’re not that good in the mornings either.

“There aren’t enough weeks in the year, or years in my life. There’s still so much I want to do.”

The 55-year-old star can soon be seen on screen hosting ITV’s new game show ‘The Fortune Hotel’, and he admitted it was an easy job to say yes to because filming took place over a month in the Caribbean island of Grenada.

He quipped: “That had nothing to do with me saying yes, I swear.

“I’d have been happy doing it in Neasden.

“Although I did have to tone down my phone calls home…”