Steve-O Says He Asked Bill Maher to Avoid Weed for ‘Club Random’ Chat to Honor Sobriety but the Host Refused

On the latest episode of his podcast Wild Ride!, Steve-O said he turned down appearing on Bill Maher’s podcast because the Club Random host refused to not smoke weed during their chat.

Steve-O — whose real name is Stephen Glover — asked conservative commentator Patrick Bet-David, who appeared on Club Random recently, about his experience with Maher, particularly about how he felt about the TV personality smoking weed in the room.

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While Bet-David didn’t appear to have an issue with it, Glover noted that he brought it up because Maher didn’t respect his wishes as a former addict to have a sober environment.

“For me, I’m a clean and sober guy. It’s very important that I maintain my sobriety,” said Glover. “I’m about to be sweet 16 [years sober], coming up on it. Really, there’s nothing I value more than my sobriety. There’s nothing more that I protect than my recovery.”

He continued, “I found it kind of upsetting when the Bill Maher podcast reached out — and his thing is he smokes pot the whole time while he interviews people. I said, ‘Hey, I’d happily go on there, but while I’m on, out of respect for my sobriety, could he refrain from smoking pot?’ He said, ‘No, that’s a dealbreaker.'”

Glover then pointed out that Mike Tyson’s podcast Hotboxin’, which makes a direct reference to smoking weed with its name, respected his sobriety request during his guest appearance. “Be real, all of these prolific potheads … I’ve been on their shows and it wasn’t so important to them to blow marijuana smoke in my face but for Bill Maher, it was a dealbreaker,” he said.

The new Wild Ride podcast episode appears to have been filmed a while ago, as Glover celebrated his 16-year sobriety anniversary March 10. He shared the exact date he got sober while speaking with Louder Sound in 2023. In that interview, Glover explained, “I thought I was a lost cause, a write-off. It just so happened that Johnny Knoxville and some of the people in our Jackass world staged an intervention. They locked me up in a psychiatric ward, and I was locked up long enough and exposed to the right kind of message that I realized, ‘Wow, I have to do something.’ I’ve been sober ever since.”

THR has reached out to Maher for comment.

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