Steven Spielberg Saw Marlon Brando Naked After Hollywood Hazing

The horror. The horror.

Steven Spielberg has admitted that a group of Hollywood editors pulled a prank on him during his unofficial internship at Universal that resulted in the now iconic director seeing Marlon Brando naked. At least from the waist up.

Spielberg recalled this story to Entertainment Weekly, admitting that while spending some time just walking around the lot trying to breathe in as much movie magic as possible, one day he was finally asked “to do something” by a group of editors that had taken him under their wing.

His task was to get a bin of 16mm film an editing room, which Spielberg immediately set about to complete.

“So I ran into the room and there was some guy half-naked behind the Moviola,” Spielberg recalled. “I don’t know if he was dressed below the waist; he was totally stark naked from the waist up, and he was cutting on this thing.”

“I took the bin out of the room, and the guy stands up and starts shouting at me, using a lot of inappropriate language. And I immediately recognised him: It was Marlon Brando.”


After abruptly leaving the room, without the bin, Spielberg noticed that the other editors were now howling with laughter “on the floor,” with Spielberg noting, “The kind of, I guess, punked me. Early punking days”

Who knew that Spielberg was such a huge fan of Ashton Kutcher and early 00s hidden camera shows?

Spielberg admitted that this was the only time that he actually got to meet Marlon Brando in the flesh. But it sounds like once was more than enough.

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[Image via Warner Bros.]

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