Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One is already getting a roasting online

Ben Arnold
Backlash... the reception for Spielberg's new movie Ready Player One has been a little polarising - Credit: Warner Bros
Backlash… the reception for Spielberg’s new movie Ready Player One has been a little polarising – Credit: Warner Bros

Although there’s only been a glimpse of Steven Spielberg’s new movie ‘Ready Player One’ released online, the kick back has already begun in earnest.

A full and official trailer for the movie, adapted from the cult Ernest Cline novel, appeared at Comic Con on Sunday.

And while some have hailed it, there’s a backlash brewing, and it’s over the trailer’s excessive use of around a billion different pop culture references.

Though excessive pop cultural references is pretty much the backbone of Cline’s book, it’s still got movie buffs all riled up.

This appeared to sum up the general feeling.

Some, who are fans of the book, are also concerned about whether it’ll be a faithful representation of it once it hits the big screen.

Writes Dustin Rowles on movie and culture site Pajiba: “Maybe the movie will be great, but this doesn’t look like anything I remember from the book. I mean, there’s obviously more to the movie than this two and a half minutes, but the universe created in the trailer does not look familiar to me.”

Of course, it’s not all bad. Some folk – and fans of the book – are now extremely excited by the prospect, and a bit saddened that there’s a backlash at all.

The movie stars Tye Sheridan as a young man living in a poverty stricken near future, who escapes to the Oasis, a virtual world where he gorges himself on 80s games, movies and pop culture.

Also starring are Olivia Cooke, TJ Miller, Ben Mendelsohn, Mark Rylance, and Simon Pegg. It’s due out March 30, 2018.

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