Stone Cold Steve Austin tells off fan who criticized Austin for wearing a mask

Anyone who watched wrestling growing up knows you don’t mess with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Doing so usually resulted in Austin’s opponent getting hit with a stunner and lying in the ring as Austin chugged beer on the turnbuckle.

Since that isn’t possible right now, one fan took the bold step of calling Austin out for wearing a mask to run some errands. Austin, 55, wasn’t having any of it.

As Austin explained, a friend made an Alabama football mask for Austin to wear when he leaves the house. The fan who responded told Austin the mask went against Austin’s reputation. Austin responded by telling the fan to shut up.

Austin’s wrestling persona was that of a rebel, and someone who was anti-establishment. He clashed with WWE owner Vince McMahon numerous times during his career.

How Austin acted in the ring has no bearing on how he should act outside the ring, obviously. The real Steve Austin believes in wearing a mask to keep people safe because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you disagree, you can shut up.

Why? Because Stone Cold literally said so.

Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't here for people criticizing his mask. (Photo by Bill Watters/Getty Images)

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