Stop wasting ziplock bags — but still prevent freezer burn — with this ‘obvious’ kitchen hack

For those wanting to cut down on single-use waste, but still looking to keep their frozen food fresh, a new way to cut and seal food bags might just be the answer.

Shared by TikToker Stephanie Gigliotti (@stephgigliotti28), who uses her account to bring followers “easy recipes and ideas for real life,” according to her bio, the hack is being hailed as “brilliant” by many viewers.

While TikTok is brimming with freezer and fridge hacks — such as the frozen cereal hack that recently blew cereal lovers’ minds, or the crisper drawer tip that could save people a ton of money on produce —Gigliotti’s trick is impressing users with its simplicity and ease.

Using the viral TikTok sound from @thelifebath (boasting over 37,000 video uses), in which users are asked to show off the life hack that is now “an unconscious standard in your everyday life,” Gigliotti demonstrates how to keep freezer burn at bay once a bag has been opened.

Holding a bag of Great Value French fries, she makes two diagonal cuts into the open bag, essentially creating two flaps. She then twists the flaps and ties them off, ensuring a tighter seal than could be achieved by rolling and clipping the open bag.

“This is so simple and so obvious once you see it. But WHY didn’t I figure this out on my own?!?!? Thank you!!” commented @jg_1724.

“Damn it. All the ziplocks I’ve wasted,” wrote @christineanellie.

“Brilliant,” commented @dyvz96jmhr51.

Considering that the average American family uses over 500 ziplock bags each year — and that each bag takes over 400 years to break down — Gigliotti’s simple bag trick could help save some unnecessary waste from making its way to the landfill.

But that isn’t Gigliotti’s only kitchen hack that’s helping TikTok users prevent waste.

In another video, Gigliotti advised about what to do with those almost empty condiment jars, helping viewers not only stretch a dollar, but prevent good food from being tossed out.

According to new data from national nonprofit ReFED, the amount of uneaten food produced in the U.S. is climbing, generating significant waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

“To address the underlying problem, experts say the most important change in developed countries like the U.S. will have to be one of mindset and cultural expectations around food, where cheap abundance is the norm,” reports Bloomberg.

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